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Roccat Lua Gaming Mouse

Roccat Lua Gaming Mouse

by BossMac SubaJuly 30, 2012

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EDIT: We’ve yet to obtain drivers for this product so its full potential haven’t been tested yet. We’ll update this post once its out.

Its a well-known fact that if you want a gaming mouse from mainstream brands you’ll have to pay quite a premium for their products. Even their entry-level solutions will run you around $50 hence the appearance of other brands which capitalize on this budget segment. Stil, there are gamers out there that want solutions from brands like Roccat but don’t want or can’t pay their high-end products. Well Roccat’s got a treat for gamers with their newest product: the Roccat Lua gaming mouse. At only $30, this rodent has goot some large shoes to fill and a name to live up to. Let’s see if the Lua can do more than what it retail price entails. Let’s make this showy!

Roccat is back with another product and this time they are targetting the entry-segment to compete with brands like CM Storm and Tt eSports and their more afforadable solutions. As these guys are busy in building up their high-end offerings, Roccat inserts themselves in the entry segment to cover all their bases with the Lua. Right now the Lua is unreleased so this will be your first look at this new product. Here are some specs and images:


[toggle title=”SPECIFICATIONS”]


    from 250 to 2000 dpi, 7-steps
    for left- and righthanders
    for atmospheric gaming
    for customized gaming
    for easily switching sensor speed
    for extended slip-free play
    with lock-in incremental steps
    for a solid build and longest life
Technical Specifications
  • 2000 dpi optischer Sensor
  • 60 ips maximale Geschwindigkeit
  • 20 G Beschleunigung
  • 1000 Hz-Polling-Rate
  • 1.8 m USB Kabel


The Lua comes packaged in a simple box with very distinct Roccat styling. A shot of the Lua is on the front which is more or less the same size as the actual product inside. Features are highlighted on the lower part. Flipping the box over, we check out what's on the back and we're welcomed by another shot of the product which highlights more features and most of the lower half are multi-language translation of the features.

Another typical Roccat packaging style is the use of slanted box which features the Roccat logo. Not so much marketing on this side, but on the other side we see some more marketing highlights. A quote from Roccat scientist Dr. Erik J. Dale is written on this side saying:

Honor the past while moving boldly into the future.

Now as much as that sounds totally cool it also happens to be so out of place and will totally confuse anyone. It sounds like something said by a Chinese wiseman or something written in hieroglyphics.

The top and bottom are all standard fare with more marketing bullets.

Opening up the packaging, the Roccat Lua is protected by a sandwich of clear and black plastic. Inside we have the Roccat Lua mouse and a Quick Install guide. Nothing else.

Here's an all-angle gallery of Lua for your consideration.

And here's some shot from the sides.

Roccat fashions their Lua in an all-matte finish, utilizing their non-slip grip sides along with a coated body for a nice, quality feel. The non-slip sides are not as textured as the Savu hence doesn't feel that rough.

The Savu's 1.8m USB cable isn't braided at all, I'd say its alright considering Roccat had to make sacrifices and from what we're seeing after using mice with braided cables after a while they tend to kink and lose their shape, so I'd say this one's forgivable.

Nice to see Roccat not skimping out on the Teflon feet too. Dead center we see the Pro-Optic sensor used by the Lua.

This section will be updated soon upon release of the Lua's driver.


A disclaimer first, Roccat has yet to publish the driver or to be more precise hasn’t released the Lua itself and our sample did not come with any driver installation disc so we’ve yet to fully explore the configuration software included in this package. As Roccat prides itself in the customizability of its products, we will be foregoing this section for now and will be updating it once the driver has been provided. Basing on the stock performance though, the Lua is very responsive and snappy. The middle button below the mouse wheel serves as a DPI switcher which cycles through multiple sensitivities and is a good addition. Even at its highest setting, the Lua feels just right and accurate. And it runs on carpet, smooth surfaces, soft and hard mat very nicely.

The Roccat Lua is definitely a slim mouse, so its important to note that there will be people who will have issues holding it depending on the size of their hands. Claw-grip gamers will find the design optimal although the length itself might counter this since it’ll bump on the lower palm on smaller hands. Certainly another deviatation from its predecessor, the texturized sides or as Roccat likes to call it “No-slip grips” have been toned down and actually feels so much better than the Savu. Speaking of the Savu which suffered from ergonomic issues, the Lua and its highly different form factor is harder to gauge since the size itself presents something non-uniform for everyone. Overall, the build quality is signature Roccat with its distinct styling. The all-matte finish we believe will appeal to most gamers and the illuminated Roccat logo is a nice touch for a budget gaming mouse.


Coming in at $30 or Php1260 (as per press release), the Lua finds itself in competition with a lot of gaming mouse but typical of this segment are poor build quality and other cost-cutting measures. Roccat stays faithful to their customers and don’t sacrifice much in terms of build quality. The sensor itself is very good providing impressive tracking.

We still feel we’re missing out on a lot of things with the Lua without its software but for now we’re left impressed by the stock performance of the mouse alone. If you were to ask us about how we feel about the Lua’s grip then we’ll honestly say we can freely palm or claw this mouse nicely and still feel really comfortable with it aside maybe from having a hard time trying to press the DPI switcher. We would’ve preferred this button in a more accessible area like below the mouse wheel. Aside from that, everything is cool with the Lua. Its small size also makes it a good travel companion.

This mouse is not yet released so we’re not going to score it yet. We’re offering you this review to check out the Lua first and assess for yourself if its just right. For its price, we have no problems recommending the Lua though. A nice, compact gaming mouse with all the right stuff, its certainly a change from the current scenery in this segment.

EDIT: It seems like Roccat has not yet released this mouse to the market after its supposed release date. That said, we will be finalizing this review.

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