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ESGS 2016: Cognitio Terra by Disaster Squad

Cognitio Terra (Cognitive Terra), Inspired by Pendleton Ward’s creations, where the players can play as Terra, the girl who slice and dice enemies in a mathematical way! Action Style! It takes the educational games, specifically math games to the whole new level!




The Story

World War 3.14 took place when society never understood each other. A time when everybody progressed and relied heavily on technology, which lessened the rate of fatality but also prolonged the terror on every corner of the globe.

Mr. Equation or simply known as Mr. E, a mysterious man who worked as a preschool teacher who illegally goes around the world teaching children the warmth and goodness of education despite the fact that all types of public work was postponed including schools until the war ever came to a halt.

Day and night he dreamt of the day when he’d be able to teach everyone in peace and how our planet would be so much better without the tech that started all of this madness in the first place. He then created a techno organic virus that would spread and inhabit all the creatures in our planet and use their bodies to produce continues waves of EMP, rendering all electronic device from around the world useless… thus ending the war.

But an unexpected phenomena occurred when the virus he created and released backfired upon him. It became too smart on its own and mutated all the hosts of the virus into math oriented freaks, including the creator himself. Mr. E may have an ended the war but sadly his efforts were in vain.

Meanwhile… General Cumference (who’s presently known as Sir Cumference), a brave and respected militant who chose to sacrifice himself and rescued one of Mr. E’s student named Terra from the horrible catastrophe that ended the war, including all the lives that he fought for to begin with. With his body and mind both literally crushed. As a member of the endangered human specie, he swore an oath to bring vengeance towards Mr. Evil (who’s previously known as Mr. Equation) together with his abominations called Binaries in his new mission towards cleansing his motherland with the help of his gifted protégé/newly adopted daughter, Terra.


Hey guys, it’s me again and I would just like to mention and highlight one of the most promising games I have ever encountered in ESGS. As you guys know, I have been attending ESGS since 2014 and during ESGS 2015, I encountered this squad of awesome guys known as “Disaster Squad” who showcased their game called “Cognitio Terra” during ESGS 2015. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to chat with them that much during the 2015 ESGS but I am happy to see these squad again in ESGS 2016 with their newly updated “Cognitio Terra”  demo. 


Check it out, finally got to chat with the devs and got a picture with them too (yes, the fat guy is me). I am fortunate enough to catch them again on ESGS 2016 and tried Cognitio Terra again.



I love the art and design of the game despite it being a 2D/3D game.The best thing about this game is it’s very educational in a mathematical way and child-friendly. Want your child to be good at math? he/she loves video games? This is the game you should look forward to.


During our chat, while I was also playing and clearing the demo version ;), they told me that they plan to finally release this game in February 2017. This game deserves more like and recognition. Also, I am looking forward to a live streaming of this game for you guys and show you how really great this game is. Not in an AAA Game type of thing but a really good game for me if you value education and want some action.


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