MNL48 Weekly (01/06/2017)

New year, new post about all things MNL48. Truth be told, there’s not much news related to MNL48. The audition is still in going on and the total number of applicants as of writing are 1,414. It’s growing at a rate of twenty to thirty per day. Other than that, there were no announcements connected to the audition. The only other 48G related news is another sister group, STU48 will be starting their auditions soon.

So I suppose I’ll just go directly to the applicants of the week. Just a little disclaimer: all pictures were taken from the MNL48 website.

Also, these are my personal choices. I’m not part of the selection committee (how I wish….but, no).

1. Miyu – Makati

19 year old Miyu is a Filipina-Japanese college student. Now, I wouldn’t call her “striking” but she’s pretty. Plus, she’s from Makati too. Brownie points!

2. Setsu – Valenzuela City

20 year old “Setsu” likes J-pop, Anime, and J-drama. She also has one of the brightest smiles of all the applicants. Yes, all 1,414 of them.

3. Aurora – Zamboanga City

18 year old Aurora is a college student from Zamboanga City. What struck me with her message is that despite looking the part, she never mentioned if she liked J-pop or idols. She did say she loves drawing, singing, and dancing. Also that she’s suggestible and an idealist.

4. Cesu – Angeles City

So what is remarkable about 15 year-old Cesu? Potential. Her cosplay photos also look convincing enough.

5. Kay970111 – Calamba City

This 20 year old lady from Laguna looks more like a model than an idol. But she wants us to join her in her journey and support her and promises to do her best to make us all happy. I mean, why not?

So there’s my five for the week. I think I have 50 others in m Likes History and I hope I can place the spotlight on some of them before the next phase of the auditions begin.

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