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MNL48 Weekly (01/12/2017)

Another week has gone by and still no significant news regarding MNL48. A lot of fans are starting to get impatient, but I say we’re in good shape. After all, TPE48 was rumored way before MNL48 was and the still haven’t done anything at all. BNK48 is nearing towards introducing their first generation while MNL48, well it’s still taking in applications but we’re getting there.

Someone asked me what my “standards” are regarding my lists (and MNL48 in general). In fact I don’t, or at least I don’t have anything deeper than “I like this girl” based on her profile. Idols aren’t any single thing, be it looks, singing and dancing ability, or acting skills. They’re more “all arounders” than anything else. Because I’ve been following idols for more than a decade, there’s a real risk of me trying to look for my favorite qualities in the applicants. But as an idol fan, you already have a certain feeling over some of the applicants that they will be reasonably good idols.

And besides, I think it is better to see the girls for what they can bring to the table, rather than just see only the things I wanted to see.

Without further ado, I’ll be going to my line-up for this week. If you do get the chance to check out the MNL48 site, some of these girls have videos you can peruse.

1. Gwynneth – Batangas

– This 20-year old lady from Batangas can sing. She doesn’t strike me as an idol in the Japanese sense of the word, but her singing more than convinced me that she’s got to be in.

2. Seushi – Caloocan

– Her singing needs work judging from the short video in her profile. Thankfully, she seems to have the ability to look “idol cute” based from her picture. She’s also 20 years old.

3. Leen – Cavite

– Kids these days look older than they are. Leen here is 15. I mistook her for 17. Unfortunately, she doesn’t have a video to make us see if she’s more than a pretty face but I’m willing to bet she does. Or I hope she does.

4. Judyy – Cavite

– 16 year old Judyy reminds me of someone from JKT48. I don’t recall the idol’s name, but this girl gives the same vibe. She says she wants to be part of the group (I mean, all of them say that), but check out her video in her profile. Pretty good. If she makes it, I’ll be watching her.

5. Edjie – Cavite

– Our third Cavitena in this list is 19-year old Edjie. While she shares a nickname with a certain cosplayer, this Edjie gives me the “Korean feel” based on the pictures she posted.

6. keim – Manila

– 18 year-old keim makes this list for no other reason than this pic, 158 other people seem to have the same idea.

7. tsumo – Taguig

– The first thing you’ll notice about this girl is that she entered her age wrong: it’s 47 in the profile. Luckily, she mentions her real age of 18 in her message. Bonus: from certain angles, she looks eerily like Oshima Yuko.

That’s it for this week. If you guys want me to check out certain profiles for next week’s list, please do drop a line on the comments section. I think I have 20 to 30 other girls in my personal list, but I want to know what you think. Till next week!

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  1. Here’s some that I personally like:
    Mikachu – she posted long statuses on facebook about how she wants to be part of mnl48. she’s over the age limit but is really passionate, has that idol aura and is talented
    Chappi – i just really like her looks, seems passionate as well but I wanna see her sing or dance at least. tho not following the photo guidelines.
    Potato – cute face and voice, seems nice too.
    reirei – she’s cute and i love her song covers on youtube
    Achan – has that idol aura, if she practices more on singing it’d be great.
    Rika – she used to have cosplay pics on her profile but changed them when photo guidelines were posted. seems devoted. she also makes song covers on youtube, cute and talented in singing.
    Armi – love her voice. but losing weight would be a plus for her.
    Nagi – i like how she dances and smiles.
    Well, those are just some. I haven’t checked all of them yet. Hope people recognizes them too.

  2. I’m sure Tsumo being Half-Japanese is true. I’ve seen her picture somewhere in the Yahoo Chiebukuro page. Never thought I’d see her again for MNL48 :D

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