Overall, New Game! is a great watch - it gives the same vibe as SHIROBAKO with its work environment, and it sheds light on the game development industry from a non-dramatist perspective. BossMac, can we give this the "Editor's Choice" recommendation as well? Read More
"Lots of brands have been mentioned in the series - from Japan's four motorbike manufacturers (Kawasaki, Honda, Suzuki and Yamaha) to manufacturers of motorcycle accessories and even Amazon Japan - so it's really safe to say that Bakuon!! is the anime supported by Japan's motorcycle industry." Read More
"I honestly do not want to recommend Shomin Sample, but it's hard not to resist. I said earlier that its lack of common sense is its charm—it's not just lack of common sense, but it's the way the series break expectations and stereotypes that makes me baffle." Read More