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XPG Precog Dual Driver Gaming Headset Review

At Php6,999, this is a great deal compared to the $250 SRP of the XPG Precog and given its excellent sound quality and detail plus its high versatility make it a great choice for any gaming use. Its not every day we get a good competitor for the HyperX but the XPG Precog is a great alternative for major returns. Read on to find out more in #B2G review

Games for your Smartphone that You Should Try

Video games are gaining more and more ground. If at first games for phones represented adaptations of popular PC variants, the increasingly advanced capabilities of smartphones make these gadgets the ideal gaming environments. Below you can see a review of the most popular games for your mobile phone. Warhammer 40.000: Freeblade Another title that looks fantastic and puts you in charge of an Imperial Knight, that is a humanoid robot with dozens of weapons, put to death. The robot model looks great and you can customize it to your liking. And the levels you walk around to look good and match the Warhammer universe. PUBG Mobile We could not have a top with smart games without including PUBG. The game appeared on PC and then transitioned to other platforms, including smartphones, but without reducing the quality of the graphics too much. If you haven't tried a battle royale yet, you...

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order – PS4 (spoilers!)

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order - the new Star Wars game developed by Respawn and published be Electronic Arts - is a curious case for a Star Wars game. Unlike its two predecessors Battlefront (2015) and Battlefront 2, the game wasn't exactly marketed to high heavens especially for a Star Wars title. While there was the comic book companion as well as some rather well-done action figures, there was little else. Some say it is because unlike EA's two Battlefront titles (and indeed, most titles in EA's game library), Jedi: Fallen Order is a linear action-adventure game with little to no opportunity for microtransactions whatsoever. Hence, EA isn't crazy about marketing it because they cannot monetize it in the way they are used to. While I am personally not sure about the veracity of that claim, I find it disheartening because at the end of the day, Jedi: Fallen Order...

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