Despite a few misses, Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN- still brings that rush unique to the Guilty Gear series. While I'm still aching from missing Jam and Millia's old look, I still find myself playing the game daily. Find out more about this Sony Playstation and arcade exclusive in this #B2G review. Read More
The opening scene includes a dead Chocobo. Right there and then I wanted to kill everything in sight in this game. And I'm right, the muddy images, depressing plot and WTF-inducing ending screams out "DAFUQ SQUEENIX" but its simple gameplay and relatively small scale makes it an easy-to-digest tryst to pass the time until Final Fantasy XV arrives on Playstation 4 and other potatoes. Find out more in this #B2G review. Read More
"Bloodborne isn't that difficult, you just have to die a few hundred times first to get things right. " Read more in our #B2G game review of Bloodborne for Playstation 4. Read More
Time for another waifu game review: Exclusive to Playstation 4, we take a look at Omega Quintet where the most unappealing male lead joins the Not-Madoka and Not-Love Live group of idols to save the world. Cool, huh!? Read more in this #B2G review! Read More
With very minimal game-breaking bugs, this launch has been smoother than most titles have gone so far, while not Game of the Year material, it sure is worth it sinking in some hours just to blow stuff up, now only if it wasn't repetitive and patched, Just Cause 3 could have had gotten a proper chance to add more to the franchise. #justcause3 #review Read More