Time for another waifu game review: Exclusive to Playstation 4, we take a look at Omega Quintet where the most unappealing male lead joins the Not-Madoka and Not-Love Live group of idols to save the world. Cool, huh!? Read more in this #B2G review!
"Bloodborne isn't that difficult, you just have to die a few hundred times first to get things right. " Read more in our #B2G game review of Bloodborne for Playstation 4.
The opening scene includes a dead Chocobo. Right there and then I wanted to kill everything in sight in this game. And I'm right, the muddy images, depressing plot and WTF-inducing ending screams out "DAFUQ SQUEENIX" but its simple gameplay and relatively small scale makes it an easy-to-digest tryst to pass the time until Final Fantasy XV arrives on Playstation 4 and other potatoes. Find out more in this #B2G review.
Despite a few misses, Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN- still brings that rush unique to the Guilty Gear series. While I'm still aching from missing Jam and Millia's old look, I still find myself playing the game daily. Find out more about this Sony Playstation and arcade exclusive in this #B2G review.