Do you need a USB Port power measuring tool? Something that can measure the voltage, current, and power? As well as the capacity to measure the impedance of the cable? Then you might want to check out RD Tech USB Multi-Meter. Your Multi-Meter in a USB Form for USB measuring purposes.
Earphone/earbuds for running or sports activity? then better check out this HAVIT G1 Wireless Earbuds. An earbud that doesn't look like earpods. It features an IPX5 Waterproof rating and a no drop design with built-in microphone. Want us to look into some wireless earphone? Tell us the model in the comment section below.
Looking for a smartwatch with that classy and luxurious feeling vibe that you can get from an analog watch? Check out our hands-on review of Fossil's Fossil Q second generation smartwatch. Do you want it? I know you do.
If you really want a mouse bungee that stays in place, the Cougar Bunker is arguably the best choice out right now sporting a small footprint and excellent build quality, its certainly got all the good things nailed down. Read more in this #B2G review!