Its been a unique launch with NVIDIA cutting prices for the RTX 2060 only to have AMD improve performance on the RX 5600XT via a new launch BIOS. We pit the RTX 2060 against the RX 5600XT and see how the two cards fare against each other. See if this is your new sub-Php20K graphics upgrade at this #B2G review Read More
Straight to the point: AMD's Radeon VII barely competes in value against the RTX 2080. There may be instances where the card goes toe-to-toe or beyond the RTX 2080 but overall, it just doesn't give enough justification for its cost. Here's our initial review of the AMD Radeon VII head-to-head against the NVIDIA RTX 2080 which will be part of a series of articles. Read on to find out more about the Radeon VII in this #B2G review! Read More