AMD's latest APU is probably the last stop before we see the much-delayed Kaveri APUs. Will the Richland refresh bring some new juice in the APU line-up especially in games? We grind our A10-6800K Richland APU in some of the most acclaimed titles of recent history and see if the chip does well enough on its own. Read on!
AMD RX 480 was met with mixed reception and it wasn't made any easier with NVIDIA spoiling the party with its GTX 1060. The main strength of the card is its ability to scale versus its main rival and support for Freesync. There isn't anything special about AMD's reference design cooler and we feel board partners can do a better job (as we've already seen) so if you're watercooling or don't bother about thermals, then do read on to find out more about the AMD Radeon RX 480 in this #B2G review.