For those looking to maximize their limited NAS bays, capacity will always matter and the new WD Red 8TB drives offers more capacity and performance than its predecessors. Read on to find out more about the WD Red 8TB helium-filled hard drive in this #B2G review. Read More
One of the key indicators of brand that's growing is its expansion to new business segments as seen with most memory manufacturers. Galax's success with their HOF GPUs gave birth to their dedicated peripheral brand, Xanova. What we have here is the Juturna-U gaming headset. Is it worthy to be part of the headset Hall-of-Fame? Learn more in this #B2G Review. Read More
At Php6,999, this is a great deal compared to the $250 SRP of the XPG Precog and given its excellent sound quality and detail plus its high versatility make it a great choice for any gaming use. Its not every day we get a good competitor for the HyperX but the XPG Precog is a great alternative for major returns. Read on to find out more in #B2G review Read More
...combination of price, size and versatility makes the Xtreamer Elvira aa great choice if you're looking for an upgrade to your entertainment room and don't want to break the bank. Read More