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Review – HAVIT E30 TWS Bluetooth Speaker

The Bluetooth technology has come so far that when most have expected it to reach its peak technology, the market blew us with new methods and ways to utilize it. One Bluetooth technology that we believe can revolutionize the market is multi-wireless pairing. With that in mind, we're gonna take a closer look at the HAVIT E30 Bluetooth True Wireless Speaker (TWS). This speaker is rated to output 30W of amplified audio and one of its main features is the ability to pair up with another. Basically, this speaker boasts its integrated TWS technology. With TWS, short for True Wireless Stereo, you can link two HAVIT E30 together. Once linked, these two speakers will be like a set of 2.0 stereo speakers. Which is pretty cool, to say, at least. Specification HAVIT E30 Red Version Dimension: 213mm*82mm*81mm (8.39 inch*3.23 inch*3.23 inch)Double-Color InjectionIPX7 Waterproof & ShockproofNet weight: 738g (1.62 lbs)Input voltage...

Xanova Juturna U Gaming Headset Review

One of the key indicators of brand that's growing is its expansion to new business segments as seen with most memory manufacturers. Galax's success with their HOF GPUs gave birth to their dedicated peripheral brand, Xanova. What we have here is the Juturna-U gaming headset. Is it worthy to be part of the headset Hall-of-Fame? Learn more in this #B2G Review.

Viewsonic XG240R 24″ 144Hz RGB Gaming Monitor Review

The XG2401 was a competitive monitor when it was first launched. And as time goes by, the market is now swarmed with cheaper gaming monitors from chinese brands or OEMs. Naturally, the first approach to remain competitive is to have a price-drop but Viewsonic's approach is updating their model with new features. The XG240R is the latest contender in the market. Find out if its more than just an RGB-ling in this #B2G Review.

ASUS ZenScreen MB16A Portable Monitor Review

The price of convenience and portability is not cheap as we've seen with ultrabooks, SFF PCs and NUCs. But have you seen a portable monitor that you can carry around without the hassle of a transportation and without worrying that it might break in transit? What we have here ASUS' solution for a portable display, enter the ZenScreen MB16A 15.6" 1080p USB-C Monitor. Read on as we wrap up 2018 with this #B2G Review

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