Cooler Master Holds Masters’ Gathering Modding Workshop

Cooler Master recently held a gathering for enthusiasts to give a first-hand and detailed discussion about PC modding from the masters themselves. Headlining the event are some of the Philippines most prolific modders in the scene with Mhike Samsin, Mickee Boy Lacerna, DJ Obiacoro, and Homer Dikitanan sharing their knowledge to the audience present.


The heart of the activities is the Cooler Master MasterCase series of desktop chassis and its highly flexible and modular nature allowing unparalleled possibilities in terms of modifications and availability. A brief showcase of the existing product port-folio of CM was also presented to the audience to share the company’s lineup and direction in product design.


The gathering is a seminar intended to give a quick and hands-on lecture on the tools of the trade as well as the techniques used in the most common PC modding applications like PSU shrouds, tubing, and sleeving.


Besides the main lectures, raffles were held to give out prizes to those in attendance. A CM MasterCase speedbuilding challenge was also held to see who can assemble the MasterCase the fastest.



Concluding the event was the unveiling of the theme for Battle Mods 2016: a modding competition with the top modders in the country to showcase their skills with a common theme and common canvas: the Cooler Master MasterCase chassis.

More modding workshops are scheduled in the future. We hope to see more from CM in the future including product launches and reviews.