5 Reasons to go to ESGS 2016

Gariath Concepts and presenter PLDT Home Fibr are proud to bring E-Sports and Gaming Summit (ESGS) once again on October 28 to 30, 2016 at Function Halls 1-3, SMX Convention Center, SM Mall of Asia compound, Pasay City for an epic celebration on everything that is gaming.

1. Exhibitors




E-Sports and Gaming Summit keeps on getting bigger with this year’s ESGS having 1 additional day and 1 additional hall for a total of 3 days and 3 function halls. An additional function hall means more room for more exhibitors. You’ll get a chance to see boatloads of products from your favorite exhibitor during the event. Additionally, exhibitors often set-up demos to better showcase their products by letting you guys experience it first hand.


MSI’s Rig modding competition

MSI will host its annual rig modding competition with a larger prize pool. Rig Enthusiasts and Modders are able to showcase their work of art in ESGS 2016. Here’s an article of last year’s MSI-ESGS rig modding competition to give you an idea on what to expect this ESGS 2016.

2. Event Features


ESGS is not just a typical convention where you’ll just walk around the halls hoping there’s something that would spark your interest. Gariath Concepts, ESGS organizer, made sure that you’ll have a place in the event whether you are a gamer, cosplayer, toy collector, PC enthusiast and the like.


Cosplay Competition

This year’s ESGS will have a cosplay competition organized by Anime Alliance Philippines with a Php 30,000 prize pool. Get a chance to see your favorite anime or game character in real life. Refer to Anime Alliance Philippines’ post if you want to join the Cosplay craze.


ESL Arena

With the recent success ESL One Manila, ESL is now back with the ever popular ESL Arena. ESL Arena is usually held in various international conventions such as PAX West, Comicon and Games Con. This is also a good news for CS:GO players as ESL is one of the top supporters of CS:GO in the eSports scene.

Brawl Fest

Brawlfest is a part of ESGS’s annual events where its mainly focused on fighting games. Brawlfest will have different fighting game competitions that are organized by various gaming organizations. Check out Brawlfest’s official facebook page for more details.



ESGS ticket holders will receive a raffle stub once they’ve entered the area. To participate in the major raffle, you must acquire 10 signatures/stamps from 10 sponsors/exhibitors. A stamp/signature will be given after you’ve performed a certain task required by the sponsors/exhibitors. Aside from that, some sponsors/exhibitors will also hold a raffle of their own.


The Boston Major Live Viewing Party

The SEA regional qualifiers for the Boston Major will also be held on Oct. 27-30, 2016. Originally, there are 2 invited teams that were supposed to have an exhibition match during the event. But the timing of the SEA regional qualifiers has made it hard for the top tier DOTA 2 PH teams to commit in the exhibition matches as they are busy training for the said qualifiers. As a result, Gariath Concepts will just be holding a Live Viewing Party of the qualifiers to support our #PinoyPride teams.

3. Big personalities

Famous personalities such as Koji Igarashi, aka IGA, will be at ESGS to showcase first hand his upcoming game Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night. Igarashi is known for his work of being an assistant director of the famous PS game Castlevania. Aside from Igarashi, our very own Senator Bam Aquino will be their to show his support in the industry. Bam Aquino is known for his support in games and eSports in general.

4. Promotions and Exclusive Merchandise

ESGS now welcomes different merch/toy exhibitors during the 3 day event. Above is the final list of brands that are accepted. In addition, booth exhibitors aside from the ones listed above will have their own exclusive promotions for ESGS attendees.

5. Games Games Games


Your ESGS experience isn’t complete without having a taste of games from different developers.

A select number of international and local independent game developers will be showcasing their current and finished games at the Indie Arena. Refer to this facebook post for the list of indie games that will be appearing on ESGS.

PlayStation and Bandai Namco will also showcase some of their popular and unreleased games at their respective booths.

So, what are you waiting for?

Convinced but you don’t know which day will you attend? Here’s a handy 3-Day schedule of the event to help you decide. See you there!

Bonus Reason

Hang out with your gaming community because BossMac said so.

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