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MSI New Heights Online Event Debuts New Products and New Company Structure

Celebrate with MSI as they launch their new products and get the chance to win a new MSI monitor, MSI Z590 motherboard or an Xbox One Series X. Hit the link to find out more.

Partnering with Intel to launch some of their new solutions coming into Q2 2021 and coinciding with Intel’s Rocket Lake CPU launch, MSI is bringing a few updates for their customers as they are introducing their new company structure. Previously know for a having a division between MSI laptops and and MSI components, the company will be restructuring their company outlay with new business units to unify complimenting products together. They’re new structure will see the following business units operating for MSI:

  • CND – Computing and Display: the broadest business unit that will be dedicated for motherboards, fully built systems, cooling solutions, power supplies and monitors
  • GNP – Graphics and Peripherals: the business unit in charge of graphics card and peripherals
  • Notebook – The laptop division in charge of MSI’s broad laptop portfolio for mainstream consumers, gamers and will also cover the new MSI creator laptop products
MSI MEG Series

Diving into the products itself, MSI starts off by introducing their gaming Z590 motherboards which supports both Intel 10th-gen and the new 11th-gen Core CPUs. The motherboards will also support Intel’s new standards like Gen4 and WIFI 6E.

We get to see MSI’s MEG, MPG, and MAG Z590 motherboards and worth noting is the definite improvement in looks of the MAG line-up with the MAG Z590 TORPEDO receiving a touch of blue. A nice callback to the classic MSI series motherboard from a few years ago.

Moving over to display, MSI details their new curved 1000R ultrawide UQWHD monitor. Featuirng 165Hz with a 1ms response time. MSI introduces some new features to assist users with some extra features including a sniper assist hotkey as well as a feature main to display consistency between devices like a mobile phone resolution support and color profile for maintaining colors between client devices. Rounding out everything is a mouse bungee and a headset hanger for convenience.

Aegis TI5 Gaming PC

Introducing their new fully-built gaming PC, the MSI Aegis TI5 is the latest installment in their Aegis gaming family. The Aegis TI5 features an RTX 3080 graphics cards and has a knob on the front for loading profiles or gaming system. The Aegis TI5 is cooled by the SilentStorm cooling system to maintain optimal gaming performance for the MSI Aegits TI5 even under load.

MSI MPG CoreLiquid K AIO

MSI’s CoreLiquid K series introduces a new LCD display as well as a built-in block fan. The CoreLiquid K will also have an AI feature that allows dynamic control for the fans, pumps and flow.

MSI is also updating us with their Creator series including their AM271 monitors and and P100 creator desktop and PS321 display. Made with creators in mind, the new MSI Creator products feature color-accurate displays and multimedia oriented acceleration and tools. Connectivity options brought by Intel 11th-gen CPUs, its Thunderbolt4 connections allows support for ultrafast storage devices, docks and display.

Finally we get some backstory for MSI’s new SUPRIM series. Debuting with the RTX 30 cards from MSI, not a lot was share for their MSI Suprim series of GPUs. There’s not a lot of story to be shared though but this card looks to be a new higher-end product line from MSI graphics cards. MSI seems to be positioning it at a higher tier than their GamingX line-up or a more mainstream counterpart. No much is shared but the SUPRIM from MSI is already available with various RTX 30 GPUs.

MSI GM41 Gaming Mouse

At 65g and featuring a PWM-3389 PixArt sensor that does 16000 DPI, MSI’s GM41 seems to be targeted for FPS gamers that are looking for high-performance ultra-light gaming mouse.


From outta nowhere, MSI will also be releasing their own SSD. Only shown in slides, the MSI SSD (which I doubt will be its final name) will be a second-generation Gen4 PCIe NVMe SSD for M.2. The slide above shows that it will be using TLC NAND which are cable of 7000MB/s read and 6900MB/s write. MSI does not disclose if they will be releasing multiple models under their SSD line as the images on the slide suggests there are 2 type of heatsinks. One of them seems screw-on and the other with a removable heatsink.

The international tech media has been putting MSI under a microscope lately, and the company is looking to maintain their spot in the computing market. With competition heating up as the demand for computers rises due to the current global pandemic, MSI is looking to go strong with their line-up and we are always excited what the company has in store for its audience.

MSI is inviting everyone to join us in celebrating this new era for MSI. Watch the launch video to see what MSI has for you and win prizes:

  • 🎁 Xbox series X – 1 set
  • 🎁 MSI Optix MAG274QRF-QD – 1 pc
  • 🎁 MSI Z590 GAMING CARBON WIFI – 1 pc

See the link below to find out more. The promotion is open until April 14, 2021.

Join the giveaway: MSI x Intel Launch Virtual Event Page

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