Sennheiser Launches New Wireless Gaming Headset Along with Lineup for Lifestyle and Audiophiles for Philippine Market

Following their announcement of their new partnership with JB Music for distribution in the Philippines, Sennheiser is announcing new products for the Philippine market. The success of their Momentum True Wireless earbuds has spearheaded a lot of momentum (pun intended) for the company and is opening another successful era for the company with new products to pave the way.

Dealers, media and friends from the music industry joined to celebrate Sennheiser’s launch featuring 2 of their lineup offering: Sports, Gaming.

Headlining the event are primarily the aforementioned Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless earbuds and the new Sennheiser Gaming GSP 670. The new GSP 670 introduces wireless technology to their gaming lineup allowing a more flexible option for gamers who want both wired and wireless options for gaming. ch.


the best gaming earphones will give you the best gaming experience sound-wise. There are a lot of earphones in the market today. They go from straightforward earphones, DJ earphones, and remote earphones, that all have their particular employments. For your gaming exercises picking the best earphones will likewise mean you need to glance inside and out into the highlights that make them the best.

PC games are modified with the goal that the gamer can modify the game’s video and sound yield. For video yields, you should pick a decent and solid TV or PC screens to perform for your requirements. Nowadays most video yield gadgets as of now give extraordinary top quality recordings, which means you can anticipate great liveliness and designs constantly.

Speakers and ordinary earphones, be that as it may, don’t have this capacity. To have the option to appreciate the best stable exhibition the best thing that you can do is to pick elite earphones. Gaming earphones, for the most part, have a 3.5mm jack for yield, or you can choose various earphones that have a USB yield so you can utilize it on more gadgets.

Gaming earphones ordinarily accompany headsets and a mouthpiece. The receiver permits you to visit with different clients or rivals in a game. There are a lot of web-based games that permit you to associate with gamers from everywhere throughout the world. With a decent arrangement of earphones, you can talk with them in-game through sound.

You can check an assortment of earphones review available on Audiodirect. Some are wired while some utilization Bluetooth innovation with the goal that you are given more opportunities in your developments or on the off chance that you have different activities. You can likewise get earphones that can bolster 3D computer games. This implies you get top-notch sounds making the experience as genuine as could be.

When purchasing gaming earphones you need to ensure that your earphones are agreeable. This is on the grounds that games can continue for a few hours. It must be agreeable so you will appreciate the game however much as could reasonably be expected without stressing your head.


Music has an alternate significance for various floods of individuals today. The game admirers of the contemporary age are nearly dependent on it since it’s a great method for stimulating during an exercise. It is unnecessary to make reference to, athletes and sprinters have some particular needs to worry about the utilization of earphones. While running and working out, these earphones offer an incredible nature of sound highlights with no unsettling influence from the external world. There are abundant games earphones accessible in the market today which permit you to find new music thrill even while donning hours.

Sports and running earphones are accessible with a remarkable plan, brand, shape and size, and usefulness, and so forth that help the athlete to exercise uninhibitedly with no misgivings. On the off chance that you need to buy your alluring earphone to utilize it while running then unquestionably you need to buy an earphone for running.

Sennheiser Launch
Sennheiser Launch

Sennheiser products are available via JB Music Philippines or Lazada.

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