Taiwan Excellence Partners Leads Asia IoT Platform 2019

IT leaders in the forefront of IoT converges in Manila for the Asia IoT Platform 2019 Manila leg held in the Mariott Hotel at Newport City. The expo was held on July 24 to 25 with a press conference for Taiwan products held by Taiwan Excellence happening at the first day. This event is aimed delivering and driving digitalization and automation in different regions with the Philippines holding one of Asia’s fastest growing economies. The Philippines is an emerging tech ecosystem thanks to this growth and is expected to see growth steadily in the next few years.

That said, there have various proposition and initiatives in advancing the Philippines with public WIFI and introduction of a new major telecom company. Smart cities have also been the buzz for a while now with propositions for New Manila Bay and New Clark City as core projects for this ambitions.

Taiwan Excellence headlined the event with the presscon highlight key companies that specialize in IoT, automation and other solutions. Accton Technology discussed IoT lighting solution for various industries. Apacer talked about their storage solutions for smart solutions and smart city applications. Meanwhile, Aver Information briefed on their global community for smart cities, while Joyce Yeh of ICP DAS detailed their companies various ideas and solutions for the manufacturing industry. Last, IEI Integration’s Don Yu presented AI for the transport industry. After discussion, the audience where invited to ask questions to the speakers.

Taiwan is one of the leaders in technology, combining knowledge in hardware manufacturing and applications development to create solutions for various industries. With many companies in the Taiwan specializing in one segment, combined they form a very healthy and productive partnership and Taiwan Excellence has been an integral glue in bringing together the best that the country has to offer to share with the world the technological advancements that they can deliver.

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