Suma1L is Gaming’s Richest Kid

It’s been over two weeks now since Evil Geniuses outed CDEC Gaming to secure the Aegis and be hailed as the champion of The International 2015 but aside from the highlight plays and the unforgettable Rosh pit clash, the media coverage for The International 2015 is just unprecedented with CNN even hosting a segment about The International. This is mostly due to the incredibly high prizes at stake with the top team going home $6.6 MILLION. Yes- $6.6 million for the top prize. There are other ways you can rake in money from gaming, like acing online casino games like casino.netbet.co.uk but being a professional DOTA2 player surely doesn’t sound too bad with that kind of rewards, doesn’t it. Another thing that shocked people even further was the young prodigy Sumail “Suma1L” Hassan Syed, who at the age of 16, took home almost $200,000 for his participation in Evil Geniuses winning team at The International 2015.


Sumail “Suma1L” Hassan Syed shocked the DotA world in 2015 when, at the young age of 15 and playing his second ever LAN event, he helped EG capture a $1,200,000 title by leading the team to 1st place at the Dota Asia Championships. – Evil Geniuses, Suma1L’s profile page.

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DAC_EG_stageSumail has been thrust into the limelight not only for his stunning and shocking plays but he is now the RICHEST professional player by age in eSports history. Earlier this year, Suma1L also helped Evil Geniuses win the DAC finals for $1.2 million earlier in the year where the prodigy was off to a rocky start but when he finally eased in and got the feel of the spotlight, it was all #EZBUGATTI for the Pakistani phenom.

Sumail posted in his Twitter right after the TI5 victory “That was EZ” getting mixed reactions from fans but if there is one thing that everyone agrees on, its that Sumail at the young age of 16 has reached the top of the eSports ladder and has cemented his name. Sumail currently ranks #6 in highest earnings overall and #1 earnings overall for his age bracket. Sumail’s total earnings is estimated to be around $1,639,867.

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