The Best Games That Translate From Real Life To Video Gaming

For most of us, playing video games is the closest we’re ever going to get to the real thing. We’re never going to win the Champions League with Real Madrid or take an Olympic Gold Medal. We’re certainly never going to be shooting any zombies.

Which is why we’re desperate for our video games to be as close to reality as absolutely possible. We’ve been blessed in the last few years as technology has improved, producing high quality graphics, teamed up with incredible hardware that makes it almost like taking a game on for real.

Virtual Reality is only going to extend that further, but some types of game are already offering us up a lifelike opportunity to live our dreams and virtually experience something for real.


We decided to take a look at some of the genres that translate best from the real world to gaming…

Formula 1

Formula 1 is perhaps the most obvious answer. For years now, the likes of PlayStation and Xbox have had some pretty phenomenal set-ups when it comes to driving wheels and pedals. Graphics continue to improve and virtual reality is actually now making it exactly the same as driving a car.

So much so that McLaren currently run a competition called World’s Fastest Gamer and have an official simulator driver.

The next edition of the F1 video game franchise has already been tipped as the best yet, so it’s only going to continue to be one of the most life-like games on the market.


While Formula 1 needed to find the graphics to make the video game as realistic as possible, with the world of casino it’s always been trying to replicate that buzz.

They’re continuing to get ever closer right across the board from the poker tables to slot machines. Teamed up with offers on major games such as the Starburst slot, it’s enticing more and more actually away from real life casinos and into the virtual rooms.

It’s a huge market today, with punters able to get 100 free spins starburst no deposit required, something you simply can’t get in a real life casino. This is being teamed up with better graphics and with table games real-life croupiers, coming to you via video link.

Again, virtual reality will make this even more life-like and expand the market and it’s realness tenfold in the next few years.


Similarly, and maybe a bit of a surprise selection here, fishing games have got both the graphics and the thrill really nailed down.

While there’s no chance you’ll sit in front of the TV all day without a bite, taking away some of the reality, the graphics and technique required to actually take a catch is pretty spot on.

Games such as Rapala Fishing and Fishbot have gained a cult following since being released in the early days of the PlayStation and continue to improve with each and every release. Lots of great apps has been released since then to make these fishing gaming a success. For Example, you can use bdo bot which can intelligently fish when you are away. This can make the game a lot more enjoyable.

It’s a solid way to get into fishing and is generally an enjoyable game whether you spend your afternoons sat on the banks of a river or not. One thing is for sure, the there’s an incredible likeness both on screen and off it.

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