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5 Best Gaming Consoles That Shaped The Gaming Industry

Are you a console gamer? Then have you ever thought about how console gaming came into the picture? If so, it might give you goosebumps after knowing how console games came into existence!

The actual home gaming concept dates back to the 70s for your astonishment. We should be grateful to our ancestors for they shaped a foundation that led to the evolution of gaming industry. Let’s have a look at the most popular retro gaming consoles.

Magnavox Odyssey


The oldest home gaming console to date, Magnavox Odyssey was released in the year, 1972. Basically, the console was connected to a television set via a mediatory black and brown box.

Two wired controllers having some adjustment knobs were attached to this box. The screen displayed only three monochromatic dots whose behavioral pattern could be changed based on the type of game-mat inserted on the screen. People could play tennis, hockey, cat & mouse and lots more.

Atari Pong


Followed by the release of Magnavox Odyssey, Atari Pong became a major commercial success for laying the foundation of arcade gaming. Since then many remasters and modifications have been made to the make the game more addictive and interesting for the players.

Pong is a simple 2D table-tennis game represented by a series of monochromatic dots on the screen.

To play on the original arcade machine, players had to use paddles on the either side for movement and hitting the ball back to their opponents.

Nintendo Entertainment System


Released in the 80s, Nintendo took the video games industry to an entirely new level.  For the first time, third party developers were encouraged to create games for any such platform.

You would be astonished to know that the legendary Hideo Kojima became passionate about the gaming industry all thanks to the Nintendo Entertainment System.

The cartridge shaped controller design still looks classic and there’s still no reason why you would ignore this 16-bit gaming system.

Game Boy Advanced


The handheld gaming console which came up in the early 2000s, is still popular among retro gamers. Game Boy Advanced is still alive through emulators and ROMs available online.  Nintendo also revolutionized the pocket gaming industry by implementing this innovative idea.

The flexible buttons, screen and accessories hooked up the gamers 24×7. If you still want to relive those amazing moments then you might consider going through this list of best gba games.



N64, also known as Nintendo 64, was released around 1996. You will be definitely hooked to the crazy design of the controller, especially optimized for the player’s comfort. The 64 bit gaming console was a major commercial success with more than 30 million units sold worldwide.

Some of the popular titles for this platform include Super Mario 64, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, GoldenEye 007 and lots more. The most noteworthy thing about N64 was the implementation of eye-candy visuals for its titles.

Not only the above mentioned systems but also many consoles were responsible for uplifting the games industry, pop and culture. Some of the honorable mentions include Sega DreamCast, Sega Master System, PlayStation and Atari 2600. After all old is gold!

Back to the old times

Well, as we discussed a lot about old gaming consoles, it’s time to revisit some of the classic games that filled our lives with indelible joy and happiness.

Mario Kart 64


The game features game modes like Grand Prix, Time Trial, Versus Mode and Battle Mode respectively. The Grand Prix mode, gives you the privilege to compete in four different cups to become the world champion. Competing in the GP unlocks various race tracks eventually.

The Versus Mode supports 2 to 4 human players where they can face each other to decide the ultimate racer. If racing alone doesn’t suit you then Battle Mode is your atta-boy that lets you attack your opponents, as you fight each other in weaponized go-karts.

Pokemon Stadium


If you happen to be a fan of Pokemon Go then you should be aware that the existence of games based on this franchise date back to the 90s. Unlike the traditional role-play titles, Pokemon Stadium is rather a strategy game where you challenge the various gym trainers and hence, compete in different cups to claim the trophy.

This became one of the most best-selling N64 titles with one million units being shipped worldwide by the end of 2000.



Admit it! All of us grew up playing this side-scrolling shooter!  This epic run-and-gun action game was released in 1987 for N64 which later made its way to several other platforms.

The game soon established itself as a franchise with development of sequels like Super Contra and Contra 3.

Donkey Kong 64


Another critically acclaimed N64 title, Donkey King 64 is a wild open-world action adventure which takes you into the footsteps of Donkey Kong who must rescue the members of his clan and save DK isles from the wraith of King K. Rool.

In order to do so, the player must deactivate the Blast-O-Matic built to destroy the isles.

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Amlan Panigrahi is an avid tech and gaming enthusiast who is the Editor at Tech Legends. You would often find him hooked to his PC playing RPG games mostly. Apart from that he likes to watch snakes in his dreams.





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