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5 Failed And Forgotten Casino Games

There is simply no denying that gambling has changed over the years. Yes, a lot of this can be contributed to COVID, but when you sit down and think about it, it is the Internet and online gaming that has had the biggest impact. Just look at the amount of revenue that most online casinos earn yearly and you’ll see that this is the case. That being said, casinos are changing every day. Not only are they changing in the way that they operate and accept money, but they are changing their offerings. Check out the top 5 games that have been completely forgotten and lost in time.

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Casino War

 As the name suggests, this is a card game that was based around War. You likely remember this traditional card game that involved battling your opponents. This is a game that many people paid in the backseats of their parent’s vehicles on family road trips. While War was extremely popular and is still going strong, Casino War just didn’t have the same stuff although it was very similar to that of the traditional game. In fact, you could literally say that it was a clone of War. It just didn’t last.

Pineapple Poker

Here is another one with a suggestive name and based around a traditional card game. Of course, this one is poker. While poker variations are always a fan favorite, Pineapple Poker was one that fans just couldn’t get excited about. Casinos, of course, love poker variations because they make more money on them. And, that is likely one of the reasons this variation failed. Too much market saturation!


5-Card Draw

Here’s another poker variation that just about everyone has played at one time or another. You’ll find it and many other variations at sites and providers like xe88 livemobile66, but unfortunately, there won’t be many patrons partaking. And, this is because this is another variation that’s been lost in time. It was likely the casino friendly nature of other games and the rise in popularity of variations like Texas Hold’Em that killed this classic.


If one had to compare this game to any casino classic, it would be Roulette. While traditional Roulette was one of the most well-known and popular games in the old west, this is were Faro stayed. Faro was played on a table with all 13 of the Spades laid out and the Ace being the lowest value while the King held the highest value. Gamblers placed bets just like they did with traditional Roulette, but the major problem here was, this game just didn’t offer the profitability that most casinos were seeking. It was the provider’s fault that this game got lost, not the patrons.

7-Reel Slots

Slots are easily one of the most popular casino attractions and this is why it is so shocking that 7-reel slots got lost in translation. It likely had something to do with the long reels. Most people play slots because they are looking for something easy and straightforward. 7-reels really complicate things when it comes right down to it. 3 or 5 reels are much easier to keep track of.

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