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5 Reasons Why Video Games Is Not A Waste Of Time

Human beings are the proprietor of their wishes. Not only the children but also the young generations and elderly people find their happiness by playing different kinds of video games. The actual intention of a video game is to ease peoples’ monotonous life. Playing video games are hobbies for some people, enjoyment for someone, and obsession for someone. It (video game) can be a stress reliever, enhance the activities of one’s brain, and understand history and has many more benefits. People are more interested in taking this topic as research for their Ph.D. dissertation nowadays. Following reasons are highlights, to give positive feedback on playing video games. It has the optimistic signs supporting video games for human life and came up with a reason for not calling it a “waste of time.”

Stress management and relieve depression

People are more prone to stress and depression nowadays. Video games are providing either a virtual environment of entertainment with friends or without friends. This helps a person to relieve tension, divert one’s mind out of troubles, and overcome frustrations. Video games facilitate a break from the regular lethargic life.

Improve Intellectual power

Some video games like strategy games, simulation games, and puzzle games played in different ways, provides mental challenges and emphasize cognitive abilities. These games focus on problem-solving skills, and increase the sense of finishing a task on time. Some puzzle solving games involve real-life consequences that help a person to modify and improve their understanding and perception. Video games also develop a person’s listening skills, optical and finger skills. Video gamers are good planners and accomplish better results in different visual-motor tests.

Historical Experiences

Some video games serve educational benefits. I have learned more about some historical facts by playing video games rather than learning these from books. Moreover, it kept my urge to finish the game just to learn more about that specific period, that ambiance. It also helped me to understand myself as a visual learner. “Assassin’s Creed III” is such a video game, which had focused the period of American Revolution.

Develop Social Interactions

Team sports are not always attractive to some people who are introvert or socially challenging. To overcome this situation, multi-player video games allow social communications, which can be another option and opportunity for socialization. When, people play online, in a group they meet, interact, cooperate /help each other, and finish their specific task on time and together. At the same time, they communicate, talk and laugh, share ideas, guide each other. This is how they can become real friends in the virtual world, no matter wherever they live.

Boost up creativity and motivation

Creativity comes from one’s inner action. Some video games put people in a situation where they tend to use their creativity along with adventures like ‘Minecraft.’ On the other hands, some structured games come with different levels of difficulties. People, who try hard, use different strategies and ultimately cross different levels with success. Their self or peer motivation helps them to be more determined to reach their goals. This improvement in persistence finally correlates to the positive outcomes of school grades or other great performance in jobs.

To conclude, almost everything on this earth has its positive as well as negative aspects. We know that video games and gamers are associated with obsession. Too much obsession for anything is not good for anyone. Some assignment geek came up with the positive outcomes of playing video games, and after knowing these benefits, people should try to change their mindset and appreciate the video gamers.

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