5 Video Games Turned into Slot Machines

When a video game becomes so popular that even your mum and dad have heard of it then chances are it will have been adapted for every conceivable format. Video games have inspired movies, audio dramas, books, comics, toys, costumes,  and even slot machines. Here are 5 popular video games that earned the distinction of being made into successful slot machine game.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Now recognised as one the most successful first-person shooter series ever made, Call of Duty started out in 2003. The series has now sold over 250 million copies and grossed more than $15 billion. When a video game reaches this level of success it is only a matter of time before an ambitious software developer gains the rights to turn the game into a slot machine. The first to do this was Amaya Gaming, who created the popular Call of Duty: Modern Warfare slot game.

The game features the iconic imagery of war; the reels themselves are surrounded by a demolished building and the game’s features include a grenade being thrown, exploding land mines, and a sharp shooter bonus round. Fans of Call of Duty and slot machines will enjoy this well executed cross over.

Resident Evil

The wildly successful Resident Evil games spawned a extensive franchise that includes everything from comic books to live action films. The series re-popularised zombie horror in the late 90s and continues to influence the genre today.

The Resident Evil franchise was extended still further by the addition of the Resident Evil slot machine game. Fans of the video game will recognise the symbols included on the reels, including the game’s logo and the logo of Umbrella Corp. The undead decorate the games reels and players must shot zombies to earn bonus multipliers. The game has accurately captured the horror themed feeling of the video game and is appropriately eerie.

Street Fighter

For gamers who grew up in the 80s and 90s, Street Fighter triggers happy memories of a simpler, more button-bashing focused time. The game became one the most iconic arcade games ever created and has, unsurprisingly, been turned into a slot machine.

All the old characters have been integrated into the slot machine edition, including: Ken, Chun-Li, and Sagat. The highlight of the slot machine version is the game’s bonus round, which is a fight between the players chosen character and Bison.

Tomb Raider

As with Resident Evil, the success of the Tomb Raider video games resulted in the creation of a massive franchise that incorporated a wide variety of media platforms, perhaps the most memorable of which were the movies that first featured Angelina Jolie and then Alicia Vikander as the protagonist, Lara Croft.

The Tomb Raider slot machine brings fans back into the world of Lara Croft, starting with a short movie showing Lara jumping, shooting, and narrowly escaping dangerous situations. The game features all the usual Tomb Raider imagery, such as Lara with guns, Lara crouching and jumping, the franchise logo, and mysterious idols.


Created in 2016, Hitman follows the exploits of a genetically-enhanced assassin as he travels the world carrying out deadly missions. The powerful portrayal of an assassin, combined with the games popularity, made it a perfect candidate for adaptation to the world of slot machines, as indeed it was.

The slot machine version of Hitman includes many cutaway videos showing the Hitman at work, which should satisfy the fans of the original game. What is more, during the Contract Bonus round, players can select a weapon, pinpoint a target, and get to work.a

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