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DOTA Box Custom PC by Jnthn Grlt

Meet the DOTABox: a casemod project by Jnthn Grlt and our first featured Battle Station. We get down with the Jnthn and talk about his creation.


This scratch-built HTPC is all about love for the game as the creator has put it. A Filipino now residing in Canada, Jnthn is very passionate about the game and this project is his way of showing it.


ProcessorAMD A10-7850K
RAMKingston HyperX PnP 8GB 1866
StorageADATA XPG 256GB
PSUSilverstone 450W SFX Gold
CoolingCorsair H80i (Modded)
AccessoriesCoolerMaster Jetflo 120mmBitFenix Spectre 230mmBitspower fan hub

What was your inspiration for making the scratch-built case?

Jnthn: Inspiration? Eeeee.. For almost 7 years, I am a player of the game. I will become a full time dad soon and I might quit playing the game so I decided to make myself a “Trophy” for being an avid fan and hardcore player of the game. I have a strong passion for PC so all I did was incorporate that passion for PC and passion with the game. Then voila! My first ever scratch-build PC case was born!

What are the challenges you encountered during the creation of the mod?

Jnthn: How to fit all the components inside the case. Taking dimensions of every single component and screws that will go inside the case. Scratch building a PC case means you need to incorporate some engineering aspects just to make sure a piece of screw will fit in without having any interference with other components.

Any thoughts on future projects?

Jnthn: Either PC desk or grab one of those Gigabyte Brix and make a small case for it!

Does the DOTABox meet performance expections?

Jnthn: Oh absolutely! The DotaBox was basically created as a HTPC type pc with a little bit of Dota 2 gaming on it! (that is if my wife would still allow me to play the game.) Its a very functional “Trophy”..

Do you have a message to aspiring modders and the B2G gaming community?

Jnthn: For all those aspiring modders out there, just go with what you want. Some people out there will hate what you did, but there will be people our there that will like it. Don’t worry about putting in the latest and the greatest components for it because that does not make the mod, the creativity and the artistic direction is what makes the mod. Modding does not mean that you need to spend heavy amounts of money. All you need is your imagination and time.


Much love to Jnthn for taking to share us his gaming rig. Good luck on future projects and all the best to your family. Game on!

Check out the full build log at TheModZoo and

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