CorsixTH: A Theme Hospital Remake for Modern PCs, Doctor Needed in Slack Tongue Clinic

I’m a bit of a retro-nut when it comes to games I love and no matter how much heat my PC packs, I will always have a soft-spot for emulators for the GBA, NES and PSX games. We posted a bit in the Back2Gaming fanpage about a launcher for the older Command & Conquer titles and today while searching for some game sales I stumbled upon Theme Hospital in, the game runs in DOSBox which is pretty crappy in high-resolution so I went about looking for a remake of this Bullfrog classic (no, not Hospital Tycoon, that was terrible).

Curiously enough, first up when looking up Google was CorsixTH: an open-source re-implementation of the game engine which uses the games native assets and allows it run smoothly in modern operating systems, even Mac and Linux.


You need the original game files to run the game. You can download the demo here or purchase the game from

Once you have the game files, you just run the CorsixTH executable and it asks you to locate the game files and that’s pretty much all there is to it. The game skips on the classic loading screen and name registration from the game’s main menu and heads straight to new menu which allows the player to choose from Campaign and Scenario.

CorsixTH Main Menu

After choosing your game mode, its pretty much vintage Theme Hospital from there. As of right now I haven’t gone through the game yet but after building a couple of rooms and patients, checking out if bugs were still present in the early game, CorsixTH seems quite playable.

NOTE: AI hasn’t been implemented yet so the game’s quite easy for now.

CorsixTH is not yet 100% done as the current version stands at version 0.21. We hope this encourages some of you to help the developers and help bring these classic games to modern times and give the current generation a taste of what they missed out back in the 90s.

Here’s a great quote from the project page:

As computers evolve, we risk losing some classic games. Bullfrog’s Theme Hospital, published in 1997, is a classic simulation game, but getting it to run natively on modern operating systems is getting progressively harder.

Head on over to the project page to read more about the game:


Again you need to have the files from the original game to play the full version, the developers offer a download of the demo files in their page. Here is their link for your convenience:

Theme Hospital Demo Files

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