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Different Online Bingo Games and Bonuses

For all the bingo-lovers or the newbies who have recently taken an interest in this addictive game, you’ve probably opened this article to learn more about taking the gameplay online. As a game well-known around the world, there are many websites that provide bingo and other bingo-related games that you can partake in at all times of the day; just make sure that you have a stable internet connection! It’s understandable that online bingo may seem like a rather intimidating game for those new to it, but in reality, it’s not as complicated as it seems! Check out the following guide that contains all the basics about online bingo so as to ease yourself into the game.

Bingo Offline and Online

While the rules online remain the same, a key difference is that your bingo card will be a pop-up window which may contain information such as the card faces, the current number that is called, a board listing of all numbers called previously, as well as a live chat forum which players can interact in during the course of the game. Another distinct differentiating factor is that most of the online bingo websites offer a generous variety of exciting features that players can enjoy, which include news, updates, recognition of previous winners, prizes available to be won, the best bonuses as well as the locations that players can redeem their gift cards.

Fees Incurred while Playing Bingo Online

While there are a great number of bingo games that you’re able to access and play for no cost at all, the games that come with prizes for winning players would come with a fee, which is the cost of obtaining your bingo cards. Payment is usually done in a very convenient manner, where first-time users would need to register and add their preferred payment method like Paypal, or credit card.


Different Kinds of Bingo Games Online

There are various adaptations of bingo games on the Internet, as the games can differ from one website to another. Generally, the most common form of bingo games that you will find include the following:

80-Ball Bingo

As a classic bingo game well known in bingo clubs, it is otherwise known as ‘coverall’ or “shutter” bingo, and this game features a 4×4 grid layout of 16 squares. Each of the squares contains a number that will range from 1 to 80. A player will win once he or she has marked off all the numbers on the ticket. For the 80-ball bingo game, there is usually only one prize that can be won.

90-Ball Bingo

The tickets for a 90-ball bingo game are made up of a 3×9 grid of numbers which range from 1 to 90, where each line of nine boxes has five numbers and four empty spots. There are a total of 15 numbers to be marked off. A unique point about this game form that makes it attractive is that more than one winner can be borne. You stand to win prizes if you have managed to mark off a line of numbers, or when you have marked off all the numbers on your ticket.

75-Ball Bingo

Also sometimes known as a pattern bingo game, the 75-ball bingo game is very easily grasped by people of all ages. It is played with a 5×5 grid card with numbers that range from 1 to 75. The 75-ball bingo is best identified as the game where its card has a blank free space in the middle, that players can make use of to complete their pattern. The player who is the fastest to mark a pre-determined pattern will win the game. The most popular patterns commonly used to win are the Double Line which refers to two complete lines down diagonal or across, the X which refers to two complete diagonal lines, and the Blackout which is where all spots on your card have been covered.

30-Ball Bingo

This game is played at a speed that is considerably faster as compared to other bingo versions, as the grid card only has nine numbers. The 30-ball bingo game is thus a perfect game for those who don’t wish to waste too much time to obtain results. As a game that is very easy to learn, it offers players great opportunities to make a win. A winner is found once the player marks off all nine numbers.

Rewards and Bonuses to be Reaped from Online Bingo

As a great marketing strategy, most online bingo websites will offer enticing welcome bonuses for first-time users. This is so as to attract new entrants by giving them the opportunity to get a taste of their web interface and the features they have to offer before these new players decide on whether to commit to paying for more games thereafter.

The bonuses would mostly include access to the chat rooms, which is a wonderful chance for you to connect with other players and seek some pointers and advice from the more experienced players. Bonuses would also likely introduce you to the other free bingo games that their website has to offer. Other types of bonuses include:

  • Deposit bonuses: An offer to be received on your first deposit.
  • Do deposit bonuses: Offered to new players to give them the opportunity to conduct a test run on the available games.
  • Cash match bonuses: A bonus amount that matches your deposit to give you twice the amount of funds.

Withdrawing Your Winnings

The way to withdraw the earnings you’ve made is likely the same way that you used to make your purchases, where the timeframe for you to receive the money would vary depending on the associated financial institution.


Given the variety of bingo variations that you can find online, don’t hesitate to dive straight into trying every game type online to find out which is your favorite. But before you do so, do keep in mind the importance of self-control as bingo is a form of gambling after all; don’t be rash in your spending!

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