Gaming Eyewear: Why You Need To Protect Your Eye

Getting headaches and eye strain due to prolonged use of electronic devices is becoming a normal thing. However, it should not be ignored. Due to our negligence, body parts like our eyes can stop working properly, and we end up spending huge amounts on surgeries and medicines. So, if you often get eye strain from sitting for multiple hours in front of the computer, then it is time to take it seriously.

Hardcore gamers are on the list of people who spend many hours in front of a screen. It is fine that you are passionate about gaming, but it should not affect your health. We know it is next to impossible for you to quit gaming, but wearing gaming eyewear is an excellent option to keep your eyes safe. No, we are not talking about computer glasses but specifically glasses for gaming.

Are you not clear about the main differences between these two? No worries, let’s dig into the primary differences briefly.

Computer Glasses vs. Gaming Glasses

We will judge them based on 4 parameters – frame style, frame material, lens tint, and functionality. Computer glasses are usually modern as well as contemporary, and they are made for professionals who have to work on the computer for 8 hours daily. Gaming glasses give more coverage and have flat temples for comfortability as gamers mostly wear headsets. Frame material of both is more or less the same. They are mostly made up of injection polymers, titanium, and carbon fiber. Computer glasses have a clear lens tint. Contrarily, gaming glasses have yellow or amber ones. The purpose of both is the same i.e., to protect eyes by filtering out blue light.

Why do we need to protect our eyes from blue light? If it is your question, then you should first understand what blue light is?

Blue Light

We do not want to make things complex for you by starting here physics class. Our primary purpose is to define blue light in a simple language as possible. So, as we know, sunlight contains many shades, and they all collectively form white light. Every shadow has a different wavelength and energy. Blue color has a shorter wavelength and much energy as compared to other lights. Too much exposure to it is dangerous for our skin and eyes. Like the sun, electronic devices emit it as well. If you stay in your house and keep using electronic devices for a long time, then you are on the wrong track. No doubt, they emit much less blue light as compared to the sun, but their prolonged usage damages our eyes.

Do you know an interesting fact? The eye alone is good enough to stop UV rays from reaching an eye-sensitive retina but not the blue light! It would be best if you had gaming glasses here.

Macular Degeneration

Blue light passes through the lens and reaches the retina. It damages light-sensitive cells in the retina and could become the cause of macular degeneration. What does it lead to? Yes, you guessed right, vision loss!

Reduces Contrast

Blue light scatters easily because of shorter wavelengths and is not easily focused. So, it reduces contrast, and we have to invest much more energy to see the screen.

Gaming glasses that block blue light having less than 450 nm increase contrast significantly.


It does not mean that blue light as a whole is dangerous for our health. Excess of anything is bad. Blue light boosts alertness, helps memory and cognitive function, as well as elevates mood. That is the reason it is used to treat the seasonal affective disorder.

Improves clarity

Along with increasing contrast significantly, these glasses have an anti-reflecting feature. Just imagine how annoying it is to use glasses having the glare effect on your screen. It could become a distraction while gaming. So, anti-reflecting lenses provide a lighter hue (yellow tint), which improves the overall gaming experience in high lighting conditions and helps to see colors clearly.

Lens Tint

You will come across more or less three lens tints – Amber, Liquet, and Crystalline. Amber is used for the best enhancement of contrast, minimizing screen glare, and diminishing the harshest parts of the color spectrum. It filters 65% of harmful high-intensity blue light from your screens. Liquid provides a balanced color spectrum and blocks 35% of harmful high-intensity blue light from your screens. Crystalline is designed for graphic designers as they need a balanced color spectrum. It filters 10% of artificial blue light.


We have seen professional gamers wearing these glasses at mega-events. Indeed, along with providing eye protection, these glasses reflect the coolness and swag. Thousands of styles are available in the market; you could easily pick one according to your taste.

We hope that till now, you have got much idea that gaming glasses are not anything to show off, but it is necessary for keeping your eyes healthy for the duration of your life.

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