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Getting Acquainted with Underrated Games

There’s always those games that we all think deserve some chance. Here’s a quick list of some games we think deserve a couple of shots.

Over the years, video gaming has been so popular that variety of games has been created to interest people of all ages. Some games tend to be so addictive that players can stay long hours in front of the pc or TV. With the influx of online and computer games, only a few succeeded in the gaming world. Some are underrated while others did not make it in the industry at all. However, if you spend time to check on these games one by one, you will realize that they too have their own share of excitement and fun. Although they don’t match the characteristics of most popular games, still, they offer some thrill and pleasure. To give justice to these unknown games, here are some for you to check out.

Tokyo Jungle


Tokyo Jungle is a newly released PS3 game. The game is mainly focused on the survival of every species in the entire fauna kingdom specifically in Tokyo’s post-apocalyptic age. Who will survive in this era is the main question. The objective of this video game to inflict panic and fear to every player making them experience the so-called Darwinist survival. There is some sort of difficulty when it comes to surviving your predators especially if you are just a Pomeranian, a baby chic or a lowly hog. Therefore, you have to let your species propagate in order to live and survive. What’s unique about Tokyo Jungle is that it features a weird rogue like animal fighter existed during the early generation. If animal adventure is your choice of video game, then Tokyo Jungle might meet your expectation.

SpongeBob SquarePants: The Battle for Bikini Bottom


The iconic Spongebob is such a funny guy who is loved by kids since time he was introduced in the cartoon industry. It turns out that his popularity has also invaded the gaming world. Despite of not being too popular, playing this video game is worth a try. This video game was released in 2003 for game consoles such as Xbox, Game Boy Advance and Nintendo GameCube. This game can also be played on Windows. This game evolved from the movie itself this is why they share the same title. The basic objective of the game is to protect Bikini Bottom from the forces of harsh robots. In this game, popular characters are Sandy, Patrick and SpongeBob. Take note that this game has a different interface when played over Windows. In here, mini-games are given as choices.

Condemned: Criminal Origins


Released in 2005, Condemned is video game created for Xbox360 platform. Condemned is a one of the first few horror games produced during its time. In a span of eight years after its creation, a number of video games leveled to this trend. When playing this game, your task is to investigate what the outbreak, being a forensic detective. The game is considered thrilling because your opponents will be acting as dead people as they hide in unknown places and then suddenly appear to scare you intensely. If its thrill and suspense you want for a game, Condemned is something you should try.

Super Mario Sunshine


The sound of Super Mario is a lingering tone that never gets out of your mind during the hype of its popularity. Super Mario is a video game created by Nintendo intended for the GambeCube game console. This is the 3D version of Super Mario was released in 2002 which evolved from Super Mario 64 in 1996. When the Nintendo Wii was introduced, this Game can also be played in this game console as it was called the Super Mario Galaxy. The objective of this game follows the same platform of saving the princess. Although the setting is different, characters in this game are Mario, Princess Peach, Toadsworth and five other Toads as they take a vacation in the tropical Island of Delfino. Resembling Mario is a villain named Shadow Mario who vandalized the whole island and made it turn out into a huge mess. As a result, Mario is blamed for all the mess. Therefore, Mario needs to achieve two tasks – that are to save Princess Peach and at the same clean the entire island. By using the Flash Liquidizer Ultra Dousing Device or FLUDD, he can clean-up Isle Delfino in a flash. Of course, expect that the game will be filled with a number of stages.

Online Bingo


With all the video games that created noise in the gaming industry, one game never ceases to compete with popularity and that is bingo. Bingo has been created centuries ago as a simple card game that follows the regular 5×5 matrix. The objective of the game is to simply complete a pattern after each number is called. Due to the popularity of this game, online bingo also became a craze. Hundreds of bingo websites mushroomed around the web, and all these are healthily competing in terms of bonus deposits and sign-up perks. There are many new bingo sites present today if you’re searching over the web and can’t find one or not sure if it is legitimate, you can go to By visiting this site, you get to be acquainted with exciting bingo sites as well as tips on how to play bingo on a budget.

Video gaming is truly fascinating. Even games that were considered a failure when they came out can surprise you and be way more fun that you accepted. So open your mind and give them a go!



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