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How To Plan For A Romantic Camping Trip With Your Significant Other

How To Plan For A Romantic Camping Trip With Your Significant Other -

How To Pull Off A Romantic Camping Trip

A camping trip with your significant other can be a great time to bond and reinvigorate your relationship. However, camping outdoors can be significantly less luxurious, and hence, it does take some planning to ensure that it will be romantic and wondrous for both of you. Therefore, to help any romantic and adventurous partners out there, we have come up with this article to help you with your planning! For more advice on camping, visit


The first thing that you’d want to pick is where you will be camping. This is extremely important because choosing the wrong location can totally ruin your plans. For example, if you choose a campsite that looks deserted and eerie, you and your partner are sure to not have fun (unless the both of you have a proclivity for all things spooky and supernatural). But ideally, you’d want somewhere that’s a little secluded so that you can feel off in your own world together. If there’s little light pollution and both of you can spend the night stargazing, all the better! Apart from that, you should also consider the following two points:

Temperature and Weather

Firstly, it can be cozy and romantic to curl up together in your tent. However, if it’s too cold, both of you might spend too much time shivering and thinking of the cold, rather than enjoying one another’s company. Therefore, make sure to pick a place that isn’t too cold. If it’s going to be cold, make sure you pack the right sleeping bag and tent to keep both of you warm. Additionally, do remember to pack the right clothing to keep you comfortable when camping.

Ultimately, what exactly can be considered the ‘right’ temperature and weather depends on what you and your significant other like. Therefore, you should choose something that you know both of you will enjoy.

Activities Available

Next, you should also look at the available activities around your campsite. It might be cute at first to lie together in your tent and talk, but, you definitely can’t be doing that the whole day. You’ll also want to be having fun and exploring nature together. Therefore, it’s important to look at what activities are available around your campsite and ensure that there will be activities that both of you will enjoy together.

Some common adventure activities around campsites are hiking trails, water activities (such as kayaking, canoeing, or paddleboarding), and exploring the surrounding dirt roads on bikes or ATVs. If both of you are adventurous, these activities would be perfect for you! If you are keen on something more laidback, you also play board games together, watch the sunset and rise, or stargaze. These are all fun and romantic activities that you can enjoy together.

How To Plan For A Romantic Camping Trip With Your Significant Other -

Food and Drinks

To keep your trip romantic and fun, it would be important to also ensure that both of you are happily well-fed. Unless both of you enjoy it, you would not want to spend too much time cooking. Therefore, you might want to pack something that is easy to warm up at the campsite. Alternatively, you can also pick up take-out on your way in. However, what’s most important would be to bring a ton of snacks to enjoy together.

For drinks, you should also hold a similar mindset. Bring along each other’s favorite beverages – alcoholic and no-alcoholic. Additionally, be sure to pack bottles of water for drinking. Don’t trust natural sources of water when camping as you never know what microbes might be growing within them. Instead, it would be better and safer to pack water for you and your partner to drink and use (especially for cooking).

Creating The Right Atmosphere

Lastly, to create a romantic camping trip, you would need the right atmosphere too. This is especially important in the evening as you and your partner snuggle up together. At this moment, you would want the right mood, lighting and music around you to aid in making the moment magical. Here are some tips on how you can achieve that amazingly romantic atmosphere.

Find the Right Lighting

Lighting plays a big part in making the moment magical. Luckily, there are several different lighting options that you can use. The easiest and most common way would be to use LED string lights. These lights are often portable and can be easily powered by a portable power bank. You can string the light around your tent to give the area magical soft lighting. Alternatively, if you want to create more of an authentic camping atmosphere, you can also build a campfire or use a fire pit. This will give a warm glow to the area and also, serve to keep you warm! Again, think of your partner and choose an option that they would most appreciate.

Make Sure Everyone Is Feeling Comfortable And Happy

How To Plan For A Romantic Camping Trip With Your Significant Other -

Next, be sure to ensure that you and your partner are both uncomfortable. If it’s too cold or too many bugs are flying around, both of you will end up more distracted by those things. And at that point, the atmosphere definitely won’t be romantic. Instead, you may find both of you irritated by the issues cropping up. Therefore, be sure to bring bug spray, warm sleeping bags, blankets, and even chairs or an air mattress to snuggle up in.

Mood Music

Music is another big factor in making the atmosphere romantic and dreamy. The easiest would be to bring a portable speaker to play music in the background. If you want to go the extra mile, you can also create a playlist that’s filled with music special to both of you. Alternatively, you can choose to serenade your partner. This only works if you are musically inclined, otherwise, it may end up more as something humorous.

Being Focused on One Another

And lastly, this trip is meant to be both of you focusing and connecting with one another. The biggest mood killer will then be if your mobile phones are constantly distracting one another from time together. Therefore, throw your phones aside and simply, focus on one another!


In summary, planning a romantic camping trip for your significant other can be a breeze. Ultimately, be sure to think of their preferences when planning your trip. This will ensure that the trip will be something that they enjoy. With all our tips, we hope that you’ll be able to have an amazing trip with your partner!

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