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Is there such a thing as a traditional casino goer?

A lot of the legendary casino games have, over the last 20 years, been turned into games that can be played online or on a mobile phone.

"Cardiff Fun Casino by Events Casino"by Steve Bancroft

The types of people who visit casinos can be quite varied, as are the reasons why those people visit in the first place. For some, it can be a great night out with friends and colleagues whilst others like the competitive nature of playing games with people in person. A lot of the legendary casino games have, over the last 20 years, been turned into games that can be played online or on a mobile phone.

It is also worth exploring whether people who like to visit casinos have also moved online for their gaming fix and then whether online casino gaming has attracted a new audience.

Online casino gaming

If a punter goes to visit, they will see a huge number of bookmakers place importance on the welcome bonuses bookmakers use to entice new customers. The website features a lot of ‘jargon’ so is clearly aimed at those familiar with the gambling world. Research indicates that over 15% of the UK population gamble online with the most popular types of online casino games being classic card games such as blackjack and poker alongside slot machines and bingo.

The type of person who visits a casino

Between April 2017 and March 2018, the total casino attendance in Great Britain was over 19 million. The most popular casino games across Britain tend to be roulette and blackjack alongside the huge variety of slot machines. Out of those attendees, additional research suggests that the average age of the customers is over 50. This might be evidence that younger casino gamers have started to move online.

Have casino gamers moved online?

Further information provided by the Gambling Commission in 2018 indicated that 59% of those who play casino games are more likely to play those games online. The advancements in technology such as the Internet at first, and then the increased use of smartphones have played a part in the changing habits of casino gamers. It is believed that almost 75% of experienced casino players have used smartphones to gamble. If we turn to other online hubs to see the demographics that circulate online, we perhaps find an indication of those who will be using other platforms – such as casinos – to play games. For example, the age group most likely to use Facebook is between 25 and 34. Already comfortable in this online area, they are, then, more likely to gamble online than other age groups.

It is worth looking at gambling as an activity alongside visiting a casino and playing casino-style games online. According to YouGov, out of all age groups, gambling is more popular with Millennials: 28% of those surveyed having a positive opinion of it. This is compared to 19% of those from ‘Generation X’ and 14% of Baby Boomers. The same research from YouGov also mentions that as an activity, it tends to be more popular with men rather than women.

A look towards the future for casino goers

So the big question is, what does the future hold for casinos and casino goers? The technology that aims to recreate the casino experience will continue to improve and things like Virtual Reality will further enhance this. Despite this, there remains a market for people who like gaming and gambling in person and for those who see a visit to a casino as part of a night out with friends. It’s more than likely that those online or virtual games will be played in addition to the traditional experience as opposed to replacing them.

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