Landing My Dream Job

I’ve been reading game review magazines since I was a kid. Ever since I stumbled across EGM and the other old school videogame magazines I had kept on asking my dad 150 PHP so I can run down Cartimar and buy myself the latest issue at the magazine store. However, those were the times when I was still collecting basketball cards because I had neighbors who do, so I was forced to allocate the money I asked for to either the cards or the mag.

There were times when the mag won and there were times the cards won. There was however one thing that stuck, I wanted to be a game reviewer.

Who wouldn’t be really? Getting paid to play games was in fact the cushy job for me (and for everyone else who is familiar with the job). Like most dreams of kids however, I forgot about it specially when my father didn’t give me money to buy my glossy game mags and I had to pay for it myself.

The thing is, I never, in my wildest dreams think that my wish as a kid would come true.

And they say wishes never come true– guess they were wrong.

Like I said I never thought that I’d be working as a game reviewer. I was actually troubled during my graduation because I was in the middle of nowhere career-wise. I have this Journalism degree and I have no inkling of working for any local newspaper and well I don’t have a

magazine I was rooting to work for.

Add the fact that I was in a relationship limbo due to me and my gf then were trying to save a

sinking ship called our relationship. So I was stuck in a rut for about 3 months when I got a call from a game distributor that hired me on the spot.

I was happy with the company for about a month or so then I found out I was going to be transferred to a different team. Then it started to spiral downward and well I wasn’t really much of a good employee. I was then rehired by the same team that transferred me and well my heart wasn’t in it anymore. I was in fact looking for an exit strategy and I found one.

My tasks then as part of the team was to handle the marketing of a game. That meant I was tasked to talk to websites and their admins to see the arrangements between us and them were all smooth. I wanted to quit back then at 2008 but I didn’t want to leave without a job waiting for me. So what I did was I asked my contacts if they have any writing gigs that they can hire me to do. It was then I found (the website I’ve been working for for like a year now) and well as they say, the rest is history.

As I’ve mentioned, I’m already writing for for more than a year now and I haven’t been complaining. Well, save for the delay in pay but they do deliver as promised. Plus, considering the amount I get from the salary I can get writing for local papers/mags the pay is well above my expectations really.

The downside however is that I have little to no room for advancement in the website. However, the gig does give me enough time to do other things which other people in my position are dying to have. That’s why right now I’m maximizing the time I have to venture outside

and do things I could never do if I have a 8 to 5 job.

I am pretty much happy with my job, and a lot of my classmates and friends know that this is in fact my dream job. Howeve

r, I will not forever have this that’s why I’m looking for another job or at least another means to earn money. I am in fact trying (that’s an understatement really if you’d see how much I save per month) to save money so that I can set up my own business in the future. However, that’s still a long way to go so I’m not really looking that far as of now.

All I am doing is having fun with my current “profession”. It’s a plus that my editor is uber cool (i call her rox-neechan and she watches anime too) so what more can I ask?

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