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Online Casinos Vs Land-Based Casinos

Casinos have been around for many years and throughout time they have moved from land-based venues to the internet. Of course, many people still regularly find themselves at some of the lavish casinos across the world for example in Las Vegas, Atlantic City or across Europe. Each type of casino has its own advantages and so we have decided to discuss these in comparison to each other. Keep reading if you’d like to see who wins in a battle of online casinos vs land-based casinos. For starters, online casinos can provide you with no deposit bonus codes so that you will visit their site and check out their casino online. This is a great way to get started and give yourself an idea if this is a casino you would like to continue using in the future.

The Atmosphere

Many people tend to opt for land-based casinos because of the atmosphere. There are loud noises, flashing lights and people everywhere. It would be hard to argue that there is a not an exciting atmosphere and that it makes the whole experience a lot more interesting. On the other side of this argument is the fact that sometimes there is a negative atmosphere in land-based casinos. Gamblers who have had a bit too much to drink, those who have lost a lot of money and many more people populate these places which are supposed to be somewhere fun to go.

When you look at the atmosphere of an online casino games from in comparison to a land-based one it is very different. There are no flashing lights, no loud noises of winners cheering and no table service. Of course, these sites are made very well like bolapedia and the people behind them try to recreate the atmosphere as well as they can. They’ll have fun graphics and themes to help you stay interested in the site and it can really help create a good atmosphere.

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The Prizes

Land-based casinos in some of the most popular sites are known for having big prizes. People walking around with lots of chips in their hands and slot machines flashing when someone hits the jackpot. Of course, the prizes in these casinos are great so they are definitely worth a trip, but have you ever tried an online casino?

When you play an online casino, there are a crazy number of prizes up for grabs. What’s more, you can play on multiple games at once, so you could be winning a lot. Online casinos like Stakers have great jackpot games and progressive jackpots that will go straight into your account when you are the lucky winner. There are a lot more players playing at once and so the progressive jackpots build a lot quicker online. Although there is a lot of money to be made in a land-based casino, you could be shocked at how much your favourite online casino has to offer you.


In land-based casinos, there are not a lot of promotions that take place. Sure, you might get a few more chips to play with if you sign up as a member but there really isn’t anything to keep players coming back for more.

This is hugely different from online casinos who offer a lot of promotions for their players. These sites offer things like welcome offers which give you free money to play with or some extra spins to get you started when you sign up. On top of that, they’ll have regular promotions that increase the prize fund of a lot of the games and encourage players to get involved. Another perk of online casinos? Friend referrals. You’ll get some money in your account for referring a friend to a site which is not something which you would normally see at a land-based casino.


If you want to be treated like a VIP, then you should probably visit some of the most lavish casinos in the world as they treat their guests really well. There will be drinks service, beautiful buildings and suited staff ready to take your order. You might even get to join a special VIP club that has games for those players who come to the same casino often. When you visit a land-based casino you will definitely feel like a VIP so make sure to try this out.

On the other side, although you won’t receive drinks or food when you are playing online, you can still feel like a VIP. In most online casinos, there will be a VIP club that you can collect points to join. You’ll normally get points for every deposit or bet that you make and from there, you’ll climb the VIP ranks. On offer in these clubs are cash back, birthday presents and special draws for VIP members only. Each site will offer something different so make sure to see what your favourite online casino offers their VIPs.

The Games

Our final point that we want to discuss when it comes to online casinos vs Resultado de imagen para casino online gameland-based ones is the games that are on offer. In an online casino, you’ll find mostly table tables alongside a selection of slot games. These games will often only have a certain number of spots per table and you’ll have to wait for a slot machine to be free if you want to have a go. However, the games are a lot more life-like and many people enjoy the thrill of playing table games when they can look their opponents and the dealer in the eyes. There is definitely something to be said about having the game right there in front of you.

In comparison to this, online casinos will offer you a wide range of games. There will be everything from video slots, to scratch card games and bingo. You also will be able to take advantage of live dealer games on some sites like which are streaming right from a real casino and have so many gambling games options. The games on these sites are high quality and come from some amazing software designers. You’ll never have to wait for a space to open up again!

Final Verdict

Overall, the advantages for online casinos outweigh those for land-based ones. There are more games on offer, better prizes and you can access it from your home. Try an online casino to see for yourself.

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