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Online Dress Up Games May Help Your Child Deal With Isolation

Covid-19 is having a massive impact on our children. Could online games help soothe their loneliness?

The novel coronavirus has been hard. Most of us are trying to learn how to juggle work, family, and inordinate amounts of stress in ways we’ve never contented with before. While necessary to support public health measures, lockdown guidelines have been disruptive to every aspect of our lives, from how we acquire groceries, to how our children function in a classroom setting.

As parents, we need all the help we can get, and that’s perfectly okay to say- despite it feeling less than stellar. For many parents, staying at home with our kids isn’t an option. Sending them to grandparent’s houses or to see friends is also off the table. So, while these new found systems of existence are deeply affecting our lives, what are they doing to our kids?


Children need social and stress outlets in the same ways that we do. But how do you provide interactive social, educational, and emotional experiences without your kids leaving the house? Well, sites like Prinxy offer the online dress up games that may help. Did we mention it’s free?

What Are Dress Up Games?

Just like the paper dolls and Barbies of our generations (only- without the stacks of thin paper dresses that got destroyed and the tub of shoes and clothes that always got lost), dress up games online give your child the options to plan and coordinate an outfit for their favorite character, generally based on a theme. Except the outfit options don’t cost anything, and your dog won’t end up with a blockage of bright pink metallics.

Most characters are relatable in that they exist within social situations that are familiar to us, or they are based on well-known figures- like celebrities or favorite princesses. There are definitely perks to choosing online games over dolls or other toys. The options are near limitless, there’s no (or very little) associated cost, and- perhaps the best part right now- not all of the games require collaborative play. Instead they give your child an entire world of fictional characters to interact with. Providing a much-needed break from what is at the given moment.

More Than Just Pretty Outfits

COVID-19 hasn’t just made many of us physically sick, but it’s put massive amounts of pressure on all of our relationships. These types of stresses often quickly translate to your children. Online dress up games give you the opportunity to say “Yes, go play” after months of having to say no. Cancelling sleep overs, birthday parties, play dates, sporting events. Even just having a friend over. This social isolation has really taken its toll on our children, and just like we turn to Zoom (and probably some wine) to get our dose of social contact, your child can use online games and their characters to enjoy the same (without the wine, obviously).

Even when you’re not spending the majority of your time worrying about a pandemic, online dress up games can still offer your child a number of positive ways to challenge their cognitive and social skill development. Dress up games are unique in the way that they can dovetail easily into competitive game schemes. Some have particular rules, like trying to beat the clock as your child’s character must be ready in time for the big dance- improving time management skills, organizational traits, and theme recognition.

Others are memory based, gently encouraging your child’s short-term memory recall functions. Even the dress up games that don’t have a focused goal still offer your child an outlet to really explore and showcase their creativity. Choosing from a variety of colors, textures, and contexts. They also allow your child the ability to feel like they’re a part of something. Giving them the opportunity to escape a world of “No” and enter into a place where pretty much anything goes- as long as there’s glitter and princesses.

A Way to Break the Boredom

The social monotony of a household can start to feel incredibly oppressive- surely you’ve probably noticed this yourself. Even if you have multiple children, siblings aren’t always the ideal playmates, with children needing the ability to explore their individuality and have their own creative eye recognized.

Dress up games can give that sense of external support and validation, they also allow your child to really engage their imaginations, driving decision making skills and empathetic interaction. As most dress up games come with a contextual backstory, your child can focus on their reading comprehension at the exact same time they’re engaging with characters in a social context.

Sites like Prinxy offer hundreds of different titles and scenarios, each with a unique goal or selection- meaning that when your child tires of one (and they definitely will) it’s easy to swap over to an entirely new game. Giving them near limitless ways to break their boredom and save their sanity (and yours).

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