The first time I experienced the word fanboys it’s from getting involved with the cosplay community. I thought then the fanboy wars in the cosplay community was intense, but when I stumbled into the gaming world I realized things are a lot more intense in this arena.

I know I’m just at the tip of the iceberg when I say that the fanboy wars go to such lengths in either praising or shooting down people who cross their path. Blog posts and Youtube videos are the preferred choice of weapons of fanboys that you can practically see them littered everywhere.

One best example of this kind of “attack” is this famous FFXIII rage video that I know people who are familiar with the gaming scene have been at least once.

Anyway I’ve posted this entry with the idea of focusing on the local version of fanboys that I’ve experienced so far. Hindi ako maglalaglag ng name nor any community because basically fanboyism is a personal choice. I just find it sad that the idiocy of fanboyism in the west is also found here sa pinas. I call the whole notion of fanboyism idiocy because it’s basically just a pissing contest between people who practically have made their minds on the console/game they have. They just wanted to prove that they have a bigger schtick by putting down the other consoles/games and by acting all high and mighty about it.

Come on– I just find it irritating that the console gaming community in the Philippines is already as small as it is, and due to some narrow minded people, the community gets divided to even smaller groups. Come on people! pare-pareho lang tayong gamers why can’t you just learn to accept the POVs of other people about a game or a console? Are the local console gamers that damn immature that you can’t learn to just accept the fact that not all people have the same view as you?

Ang masaklap pa dito– it’s the older people who are the ones who practically fuel the fanboy war in the country. Naturingan pa naman kayong professionals and older people. I think it’s safe to assume that everyone who has an xbox360–ps3–wii who are not teenagers are working and using their hard-earned money to buy the games and accessories for your unit. So I think it also safe to assume that at least the people who have more authority over in local console gaming community have some common sense and don’t have the right to act like spoiled teenagers.

But no– it’s not really happening…

The divide in the community is just a sad sad story of people getting played by their games rather than the they playing their games. I don’t think owning a unit gives you the right to look down at those people who have the other console. So what if there are better exclusives in the other console or not? Isn’t the fact that you got yourself a console because you want to play games? So why go to such lengths of mud slinging the other communities just because of their preference?

Personally, I got myself a PSP because when I was choosing before I thought that I can use the psp more because I’m more of a mobile person rather than a console gamer. Between the PSP and the DS I chose the PSP not because it was made by sony or that I blindly love Playstation but because I like the games that are coming out on the PSP more than those that come out of the DS.

Trust me it was really a hard decision for me in choosing the two because in terms of functionality I like the DS more than the PSP but then– a friend of mine who is not really a gamer gave me this advice…

“Bakit ka ba bibili ng unit? Is it because of the games or of the functionaility?”

This question clinched my choice and I got myself a PSP. Now almost a year has passed and my PSP is more worn down than a PSP who has lived this long. I am planning on buying a DS though just because I wanted to get to play the Shounen Jump game that I got to experience in College.

I got myself the PSP because I liked the games in the PSP not because of the unit or the company– yun lang yun…

Di ba ang simple lang naman e– why can’t the fanboys in the console gaming communities think the same di ba? Though probably I know I’m talking to a wall– I just really hope that magising sila sa katotohanan…

Di naman masama mangarap diba? 😀

  1. As you’ve said in your post, the Philippines is a small country and due to the Filipino mentality of “choosing sides”, fanboyism is just getting out of hand. You’ll also have to look back at the history of our country as it has been previously been PS1/PS2 territory. And like you say “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks”, is the more appropriate term here. I’ve been a Sony Fanatic (not a fanboy) all my life thanks to my Dad who bought every Sony product we have since I was a kid (our Sony Betamax still works lol). Even now, working for Sony, I don’t shackle myself to the company just because they’re Sony. I play games on different consoles because their games, heck I’m even getting the new Xbox 360 with Kinect soon before I decide to purchase another PS3 to replace my old PS3 phat that YLOD’d on me.

    1. personally it all boils down to a person’s reason to getting the unit– I personally go for the titles the unit has not on the unit itself….

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