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The Rise of Multi-Player Gaming

Remember the days when multi-player gaming was sitting in front of a television and battling against a player in the same room? Things have changed so much in a relatively small space of time, and now we are able to play against people, all over the world in realtime. With this ability, it comes as no surprise that multi-player games are dominating gaming these days.

To emphasise this, you could look at the impact of the lack of real multi-player gaming in No Man Sky. To some people this was of little importance, but to those who were promised the ability to “share” a universe with others, it is a big thing. Now that this ability to has been disproven in the sense of actually meeting real life people in its universe, people aren’t happy.

What this shows is that people like the ability to have a shared experience. If you are going to actually promise this in a game, then you have to deliver it. Examples of this are World of Warcraft, an “MMO”, and Ubisoft’s The Division where you truly do play with other people. It is more about being a social experience than just about gaming. Try yourself at sites like

Multi-player games come in many forms, be it the MMO, the first-person shooter, or even Facebook games. Even online poker games now make the experience a more social experience. Especially when playing against people in games such as online bingo and poker. It is about human interaction, not just knowing other people’s actions cause a reaction in your version of the game.

Maybe in the future No Man Sky’s multi-player will be changed to what people expected it to be. We’ll have to see if this happens, or if the damage has already been done. The fact is, No Man Sky DOES offer a version of the multi-player experience, but not in the form we wanted. If we can learn a lesson about this, it is that it is important to get multi-player games right.

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