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Three Examples of How Bingo Companies are Evolving

Evolution is a natural process of life. If we don’t evolve, we’re left behind, destined to fall into the pits of obscurity. With that said, we aren’t here to talk to you about biology and the theory of evolution, we’re instead going to talk about bingo.

You see, before the internet, for decades, bingo in the UK, and in many other parts of the world for that matter, remained unchanged. The game was played in the same venues, the rules and surroundings were the same, and people liked it that way.

As the decades ticked by, though, things began to stagnate and there was a real concern that bingo would fade away, which would have been heart breaking.

Thankfully, the internet came along, smart tech followed, and currently in the UK alone, the online bingo industry brings in upwards of £600,000 each year and many of the biggest companies that you’d find on sites like Bingo Sites have become household names.

This was all thanks to change, which is why we’re looking at how bingo companies are evolving.

More male players

We’re now living in a very inclusive society, which can only be deemed a good thing.

For a number of years, though, bingo was seen predominantly as a female activity.

Visit any bingo hall and, despite the odd flat cap here and there, primarily the players would be female.

Online bingo sites have realised that, by targeting females only, they’re essentially halving their target demographics, which is why more male-orientated advertising now takes place.

In order to boost male participation, gambling sites and sports bookmakers have added bingo to their services and have created more “masculine” advertising campaigns.

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Different themes

A game of bingo is a game of bingo, right? After all, the rules are basically the same, depending on which version you go with, so it wouldn’t matter which site you chose?

Actually, it matters a great deal because each site has gone for its very own unique theme to entice different players in.

There are horror themes, fantasy themes, sci-fi, nature, unicorn, Vikings, history, and much more besides.

By adding different themes, not only does this help your site to stand out, it also shows something a little different and unique.

Gimmick bingo aimed at younger players

Right now, more younger players are enjoying bingo than ever before.

Whereas the game was once enjoyed exclusively by the elderly, things have now changed thanks to more and more gimmick bingo games aimed at younger players.

Bongo’s Bingo is a big hit here in the UK, which is basically a game of bingo held inside a night club, complete with booze, dangers, karaoke, DJs, and of course, bingo.

Then there are games such as ‘Gingo’ which is basically bingo in a more relaxed setting with live music, tasty snacks, and plenty of Gin.

For fans of garage music, 2019 saw UKG Bingo, also known as UK Garage Bingo, which combined garage music with bingo, as well as free entry into a night club after the game had finished.

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