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Top 5 Myths Believed by Blackjack Gamblers

Blackjack is one of the most popular online casino games all around the globe especially in Europe and Asia. Thousands of online casinos provide this game, and you can have a look at the top casinos in the United Kingdom providing this game by clicking on this link with this list of the best uk casino sites. There are a number of myths surrounding this game as you would have heard a lot of myths about online gambling because it involves money. Everyone who knows online gambling a bit thinks that he/she has some secrets to win or there are certain tricks that help the top players to get massive wins. We would like to cover 5 of such myths believed by blackjack gamblers around the world which aren’t true at all.

It’s Rigged, and You Can’t Win over the House

There are a number of people who would always root for the house instead of themselves gambling online. They think that the game is rigged and nobody can beat the system unless the system wants to get beaten. Well, we’ve got flat Earth believers too, so it is not surprising at all that people think an industry worth billions of dollars and hundreds of thousands of players are thriving on rigged grounds.  Although there is a particular house edge over the player as you expect in any other casino game. If you look at it in a mathematical sense, actually you’ve got better chances to win in blackjack as compared to any other casino slot online. If you are smart enough to learn advance gambling techniques, you can even score a big win in the longer run.

It Is Impossible to Count Cards

If you have seen few movies revolving around the blackjack game in a casino, you would realize that the depiction of a successful player is really close to a natural genius who is an expert in mathematics and has a super memory to count each card. It looks like it is impossible for a normal player to count the cards while each hand is being dealt which is totally wrong. There are a number of card counting systems which can be learned easily. One of the most popular ones is the Hi-Lo System. In this system, the player starts with a “0” and every time he/she sees a card ranked 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 he/she can add “1”. You have to subtract “1” from the count whenever you see a 10 or an ace as the other numbers don’t affect the count.

It is Illegal to Count Cards

It is one of the biggest lies being spread through various films over the years in the gambling community that casinos bar people from counting cards as it is illegal. It is kind of the basis of the game so you cannot play the game without thinking about it. The whole point of this practice being illegal is illogical. Actually, people mix it with the fact that the casinos reserve the right to stop any player or any game at any moment. It doesn’t mean that counting cards is a crime and you will be stripped off your winnings or go to jail for doing it.

Always Remember the Dealer Has 10 in the Hole

It is said that any blackjack player should always assume that the dealer has a 10 in the hole. This is total exaggeration although there are more cards with the value equalizing to 10 than cards with any other value in the deck. The kings, queens, jacks, and the 10s all have a value of 10. So there are 16 cards in total with a value of 10 in the deck. So the percentage of the probability of a dealer having a 10 in the hole is 30.77% which is 1 in 3 times. So there is no 50% chance of a 10 against each of your move, so you will be a mistake if you are assuming you will be dealing with a 10.

Progressive Betting Will Help You Win

The progressive Betting system is not a perfect strategy to win eventually although it is believed by the masses. It is a system in which you have to increase the size of your bets each time you lose. You can understand it by having a look at the Martingale system mostly used in the roulette. In this system, you have to double the size of your bets once you lose so that you can cover your losses by winning the next bet. Doubling the size of the bet goes on until you eventually score a win. So whenever you get a win, it will make sure that you are able to cover for all of your losses.

It seems like it is a nice strategy and it has proven to be in many cases, but we cannot cherry-pick such cases while not looking at the downside of it. This system does not guarantee your win at any moment, and it is possible that you will lose all your money while doubling the bets eventually. So you have to be really careful while creating a useful betting strategy by studying various strategies being implemented by successful online gamblers. It is all about studying and using the trial and error method to get to a plan that could work for you every time.

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