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Top Rated Virtual Reality Games For Anyone To Enjoy

Developers have invested billions of dollars in developing top rated virtual reality games over the past years. The investment has been made in hardware and software for developing fast paced technology.

You can get links to various virtual reality games on various platforms including face book. By investing some money anyone can get to enjoy the game play on hand held devices to consoles and Xbox.

Advanced game play can be enjoyed on your advanced high speed PC or lap top that is connected to high speed internet. Invest over USD 500 and you can enjoy the game on your play station.

With advancing technology, gamers can today enjoy virtual reality games on their mobile gadgets using Mobile VR technology. You can also make the selection of under USD 100 devices like Samsung gear or Daydream to enjoy the game play.

Top rated VR game play

  • The climb – if you are afraid of heights then this is an ideal game play for you. When playing you get a feel of climbing Mt. Everest on your screen. Players get to view the top of the cliff on the screens clinging to the rocks or valley. If you are looking around for true virtual reality experience, this is an ideal game for you. One main benefit is that players get to improve their skills in the practice mode, during the game play.
  • Werewolf within – Yet another category of game offered by Virtual Reality, combines the game play of tradition story line in ultra modern platform. Unlike Live casino dealers at Unibet, you may get to experience traditional dressed characters enjoying music in the game play. One benefit for gamers is that they may not have to worry about their screens being crowded with animated characters. Gamers also get to enjoy the classic party view together with virtual camp fire scene. When playing you will automatically be assigned with your role play in the game. Your selection will be made from amongst one of the eleven characters available.
  • Minecraft – A game play that is enjoyed by people of all age group. You may experience virtual falling bricks along with much elaborated scenes. Till date over106 million copies have been official sold by developers. The game play is also available for an affordable price tag of USD 10. If you are tired then you can also make the selection of enjoying the game play in 2D perspective.
  • Starwars – some of the best genre of game play that can be enjoyed in Virtual Reality platform. You can select to enjoy a single mission out in space wars. The game play is certainly enjoyed by everyone on multiple platforms. The game play can also be enjoyed in multiple player version or in single player version. Developers have ensured that the game play offers with original star war story line.

Presently with changing times, a lot more has been added by developers for new gamers. You can find unlimited game play on virtual reality platform. These games offer you with entire new game play experience.

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