What Does the Status of a VIP Client in an Online Casino Mean?

Whether we are going to concerts, festivals or sports tournaments, we all like receiving special treatment wherever we go, don’t we? Likewise, for online gamers, VIP treatment is the one thing that players crave for whenever they play at an online casino. That’s because attaining the standards of a VIP player means that you will consistently receive gifts not only in appreciation of your loyalty but also to keep you coming back to the lobby for more.

From exclusive tournaments to lavish perks, and from enhanced customer service to big bonuses, VIP players enjoy the red carpet treatment from top-tier loyalty reward schemes such as present at https://www.vulkanvegas.com/en. This leaves many players wondering how they can get to these much-coveted levels. If you are among the players with queries about VIP client tiers, read on for more.

How to Become a VIP Player

Becoming a VIP client at an online casino is often a lengthy, yet simple process which as you might have guessed usually involves spending more money. And by the way, it is not enough to drop just one big bet; instead, you need to show a consistent pattern of enormous stakes over an extended period.

After the casino notices that you are placing large bets consistently, they will usually contact you to let you know if you would like to join their VIP program. However, sometimes, this status will be awarded automatically. If you have been a big spender in the lobby with a consistent track record and they haven’t contacted you yet, you can also remind them via mail.

You should also know that just becoming a high-roller won’t be enough to keep you enjoying the in-house perks. The majority of online casinos out there will then require you to keep on playing for higher bets to stay at the top of the pyramid. It is also worth mentioning that because some online casinos operate under the umbrella of having the same operator, becoming a VIP at one casino might sometimes mean that you have the same status in a bunch of other casinos as well.

The Perks of VIP Players in Online Casinos

So, what exactly are the benefits of being a VIP? Well, every online casino has its particular perks, and they can be a range of many different things. Some of the most rewarding gifts of Loyalty scheme often include:

  • Bigger and Better Bonuses

Given that high rollers spend way more money than regular players, it is only logical for them to receive juicier bonus deals compared to ‘commoner’ players. And in most cases, these bonuses aren’t available for regular members who aren’t part of the VIP list. For instance, a regular player might receive a 100% deposit bonus up to £100, VIP players instead could get a 100% deposit bonus up to the value of £1000. For no deposit bonuses, VIP players also get bigger deals.

  • VIP Only Events

As the name suggests, VIP players also get direct entries to deluxe tournaments which often come with attractive prizes for winners. Other than tournaments, gaming platforms also host events that their most valued players are the only ones eligible.

  • Free Gifts

Another perk that is commonly offered to high rollers at an online casino is gift hampers. Often, the casino will even give you the chance to pick a gift you want from them based on your loyalty points. They usually range from gifts such as premium electronic devices like iPhones, iPads, or even tickets to concerts and vacation vouchers to luxurious holiday destinations. The size of the gift you get will mostly depend on how much you have spent playing in the online casino.

  • Faster Withdrawals

VIP’s often want to cash out large amounts of money from their accounts, but they don’t like waiting for long for funds to be processed. Many online casinos will thus give priority to such clients when it comes to taking care of their cash out requests. They are, therefore, much faster than usual and better yet, some casinos also waive withdrawal fees in this case.

  • Personal Account Managers

The most valuable players in online casinos are typically allocated dedicated support agents who cater to their interests faster.  Sometimes, you’ll even find that VIPs have designated numbers to call, making sure they don’t have to wait in queues for long. If you have an issue when you are a VIP, it should be resolved in no time.

Final Thoughts

One thing you should keep in mind, however, is that as lucrative as these rewards sound, there’s always a catch. Therefore, before you go ahead and grab any bonus that comes your way even after you become a VIP, you should take a couple of minutes to read the fine print. That way, you’ll know exactly what you need to do to fulfill your end.

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