Best of Anime 2014 Hero Face-Off Gallery

Best of Anime 2014 was the host for the annual HeroTV Hero Face-Off Cosplay Competition, now on its 5th year. The annual competition set the stage for a lot of cosplayers to showcase their creativity for both costume creation and performance as they treat the audience to visual spectacle.

Held in SMX Convention Center alongside the annual Manila International Book Fair, Best of Anime saw a lot of activities welcoming guests guests like Joe Inoue, Starmarie, and the band heidi. A-list cosplay personalities also highlight the event with Onnies, Karael and Kaika getting meet and greet sessions for their fans.

Here are some of photos of cosplayers that participated during Hero Face-Off stage event.


Stay tuned over at Reimaru Files for video updates, interviews and more of Best of Anime 2014.

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