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3 Reasons Why Crazy Time Is So Popular

What is it about this game which makes it so popular?

3 Reasons Why Crazy Time Is So Popular -

Crazy Time is the third money wheel game produced by Evolution Gaming after Dream Catcher and Monopoly Live – and it’s certainly the most popular of the trio at the moment. The game made its debut at ICE London in July 2020 and was released to the general public shortly after, almost instantly becoming a firm favourite among online casino enthusiasts.

But what is it about this game which makes it so popular? Well, the answer is a multi-faceted one, incorporating the game’s design, inspiration and bonus features. Here’s a quick run-through some of the factors which have contributed to Crazy Time’s snowballing reputation among an ever-increasing fanbase.

Simple but varied

Most slot players favour this particular type of casino activity due to the simplicity of its nature. Rather than have a load of rules to learn or a complex methodology to get your head around, Crazy Time relies on a simple money wheel at its heart. Players must bet on the segment they believe the flapper will land on to win prizes.

Of course, it’s not quite as simple as that. Evolution Gaming have kept things interesting by including multipliers and bonus rounds. This allows for the game to evolve as the player continues to spin the wheel, even giving them scope to develop their own unique Crazy Time strategy designed to beat the odds.

Live TV show element

Another of the huge draws of Crazy Time is the game show feel of its setup. Chief Product Officer for Evolution Gaming Todd Haushalter has confessed that the game is based on the popular TV show, “The Price Is Right”, meaning that fans will instantly feel a connection to it via a pre-existing familiarity with what they’ve seen on screen.

“The goal was to make a game that is so entertaining that people would enjoy just watching it as they would a game show on television,” explained Haushalter. “To achieve this, we knew we needed lots of variety and to make the players the contestants on the show.” The effect is supported via the use of advanced technology, such as augmented reality and a random number generator (RNG) to really enhance the overall user experience.

Bonus features

Last but certainly not least, the biggest lure of Crazy Time is undoubtedly its four bonus rounds. By landing on these segments, the flipper can trigger a completely different game, which keeps its players on their toes and injects a dose of excitement into proceedings. The four bonus rounds are: Cash Hunt (a shooting gallery-style game with 108 RNG multipliers), Pachinko (an illuminated Pachinko wall with 16 drop zones), Coin Flip (a simple toss of the coin which dictates the multiplier involved) and Crazy Time (an augmented reality world with a huge wheel and three flippers).

This latter bonus round is undoubtedly the star of the show, offering punters the opportunity to unlock lucrative bonuses of up to 25,000 times your winnings, with total jackpots capped at €500,000. That’s a hefty chunk of cheese – so it’s no wonder the game in general and this round in particular have been a massive hit with fans.

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