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Games to Play During the Quarantine?

Here is a list of exciting games you can play to spare yourself boredom and connect with like-minded folk worldwide. 

With the ongoing pandemic, it’s easy to lose touch with your friends and family during this period of quarantine. Why not use your time enjoying a good old-fashioned game night with your family, roommates, or other similarly quarantined friends. Here is a list of exciting games you can play to spare yourself boredom and connect with like-minded folk worldwide.

Best Games to Cure the Quarantine Boredom

Despite getting bored at home, you’re still not interested in testing the waters in the gaming career world. Nonetheless, it’s still equally essential to possess sufficient skills to win a game against your younger brother. Below are exciting categories to choose from.

Offline Games

These games are perfect for friends, siblings, or couples holed up together. You can purchase one (or two) online and proceed to dominate your friends!

  • Settlers of Catan (3 to 4 players – standard; 2, 5, or 6 players – with expansions)

This board game is perfect if you love building things. Different players compete for space and access to resources as they try to accumulate victory points. Barter trade dominates the scene. While you have some resources in abundance, others are scarce. Ore for wool, brick for lumber – you trade according to what your current building projects require.

This game also offers the opportunity to build towns and local economies using the materials in your lands. It’s complex and time-consuming. You should allow two hours for things to play out. But even if you don’t do well in the overall contest, you can get satisfaction from completing side goals, such as building a town or a long road.

  • Pandemic (2-4 players)

What other befitting game to play during quarantine than Pandemic? As the name suggests, it’s a board game that requires the players to work together to solve a global health crisis.

The game starts with a presumption that four diseases have broken out globally, each threatening to wipe out a region. Players pick one of seven possible roles: dispatcher, medic, scientist, researcher, operations expert, contingency planner, or quarantine specialist. Through all the players’ combined effort, the goal is to discover all four cures before reaching any of several game-losing conditions.

  • Splendor (2-4 players)

Yet another board game makes our list. A staple of game nights everywhere, this game tasks players with collecting gems (represented by poker chips) to buy cards worth points so that they can get to 15 first. Easy to learn, and it plays in a breezy and always-escalating 30 minutes. If you already have the base game, consider picking up the expansion.

Online Games

Quizup is a free mobile app with trivia quizzes. You can compete against a random opponent online or a friend. You’ll find questions on various topics – from general knowledge to string theory, and difficulty levels ranging from kid-friendly to unnecessarily obscure.

Conversation Games

Games like Never Have I Ever, Would You Rather, Two Truths and A Lie, or Truth or Dare work well in person since they don’t require any pre-determined “tools.” On top of requiring little technology, they can still entertain you longer than you imagine. Such games are ideal for people looking to socialize as much as possible.

Casino Games

If you’re looking to play traditional casino games, check out some of the best microgaming casinos online. You’ll find hundreds of uniquely developed games created in collaboration with online casinos and other partners. Poker enthusiasts and passionate bingo players can maintain their interests without worrying despite the lockdown. You can either open a game with friends or join one already in progress with open seats.


There are countless games to play during this quarantine period. Thankfully, most games are readily available: mobile, console, PC, and good old-fashioned board games. Catch up with your friends during the upcoming summer break and avoid the COVID-19 loneliness!

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