A Modern Gaming PC Might Be a Better Option Than a Next-Gen Console This Holiday Season

The next-gen consoles are here with a lot of well-deserved hype. Both the Xbox Series X and the PlayStation 5 (PS5) earn praise from fans and critics for cutting-edge UIs, fast hardware, and innovative design. For example, the DualSense wireless controller for the PS5 features haptic feedback, adaptive triggers, a built-in microphone, a touchpad, and other technological advancements designed to give gamers a deeply immersive experience.

Unfortunately, the pandemic has hurt production numbers and also caused demand to skyrocket in the holiday season, resulting in a frustrating supply shortage for fans. If you can’t get your hands on a next-gen console, then consider buying a modern gaming PC instead for the following reasons:

1. Availability

Experts say that the next-gen consoles will be in short supply until Q1 of 2021. Meanwhile, you can buy a modern gaming PC and enjoy the latest video games right now.


2. Worldwide Access

Although the next-gen consoles have removed many regional restrictions from the last generation, it’s still challenging to play with friends from other geographical locations. For example, you may need to create different accounts for different regions to play with gamers in other countries.

It’s simple to play on popular PC gaming platforms with anyone in any corner of the world. You can also bypass geo-blocks to play games banned in your location or take advantage of deals in other countries with a technologically advanced VPN service that features many servers worldwide. On the right VPN server, you can also enjoy lightning-fast gaming speeds.

3. Power

Remember, a console is just a snapshot of the latest gaming technology. While the next-generation consoles appear powerful, most modern gaming PCs will render them obsolete in a short period.

4. Long-term Cost

Although a gaming PC can be more expensive than a console, you can save money when you build one yourself. And unlike a console, you can upgrade your processor, RAM, or video card in the future to improve longevity.

New console games are also more expensive than new PC games. Moreover, PC gaming platforms like Steam regularly offer steep discounts during seasonal sales. By shopping at the right time, you can steadily build a good library of the latest PC games.

5. The Games

Not only can you play the latest PC games on your computer at any time, but you also have access to games developed decades ago — you have to worry less about backwards compatibility on the PC than on a console.

In addition, you will have access to many Xbox Series X exclusives on the PC. The head of Xbox, Phil Spencer, confirmed to the press that all first-party Xbox Series X games will be available on Windows. Likewise, Sony is also porting its exclusives to PC. For example, the hit action/adventure game, Horizon Zero Dawn, has been available on Steam since August 2020.

These are some of the reasons why you may want to buy a modern gaming PC instead of a next-generation console. Enjoy the latest games now and buy a console when it’s cheaper and more readily available.

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