Best Online Casino Games You Can Play with Friends

Ask any critic of online gambling, and the one thing they will state is that playing on casino websites isn’t social enough. There are obvious advantages of online casinos, the ease of playing from home being the biggest. However, it’s time that we put an end to this debate, because thanks to modern technology and game development, there are several gaming options available that are as social as being in any land-based casino.

Before we head into the games you can play with your friends, each one of you must first make the most of the bonuses that casinos offer to their customers. Luckily, holiday time is when most friends and family have time to log on and play, and it is then that casinos have special festive offers. Ladbrokes casino Easter promo, for example, can get you free spins and cash rewards, and it’s open for regular customers and new ones. Once you have the extra bit of cash in your hands, it is finally time to have some fun with your mates.


Poker remains the most played card game in any casino. In fact, it is even popular outside the gambling world, where co-workers and friends often meet for poker nights for a bit of social interaction. Poker was always a social game, even in its basic format, where players would join a room in an online casino and play with strangers from around the world. The latest addition to this is private poker rooms that players can make according to their needs. While still managed by the online casino, a player can go about inviting only their friends through a unique link and set up the rules any which way they like.


Bingo has forever been about socializing with friends. In the real world, until recently, there was a stigma attached to bingo being a game only for senior citizens. With a revival of bingo, we see a massive change as more twenty-somethings are getting in new forms of the game that are louder, more active, and include drinking. Online is no different in terms of bingo being interactive. Nowadays, having a chat option in your game is standard. As a result, you can gossip with anyone else who is playing the game alongside you. Moreover, you can send cards to other players and even receive daily gifts for playing.


We know what you’re thinking. How can slots be a social game when it is the perfect one to play alone. Before we tell you the secret, which even a lot of professionals gamblers don’t know, you should be aware that slots have so many variations that even if you are playing alone, they keep you super busy. Now for the big revelation. While you’ve might have played progressive and themed-slots, you should definitely try to find community slots next time you log in to an online casino. There are simple ones that have chat rooms, and your friends can see you play and win. However, the more interesting ones are the multi-player slots where players compete against each other. The fun bit is that even if one player gets a bonus game, others can try and beat them to it. It’s really a hoot, and you’ll end up having an exciting time for sure.

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