Best Slot Games based on Video Games

What begins in one format soon becomes turned into another. That’s the case with video games when they find success as movies or slot games. It’s the latter that we look at in this article.

There are so many slot games that you can play online. A bit of help is needed when choosing which ones to try out. Even if one is based on a video game you love, will the slot be as good? You can also play these games on your mobile devices too. Go to a site like mymobicasino to find out more information on mobile slots and the best sites to play them on. Let’s look at some video games that are now giving us the chance to win big cash prizes as slots.

Tomb Raider

Archaeology doesn’t always sound that interesting. Don’t worry there isn’t a Time Team slot (still time though) but characters such as Indiana Jones and Lara Croft have changed that. While Indiana has had much more success in the movies, Lara has dominated in video games and a move into the slot world was perhaps inevitable.

The slot did its best to maintain the look of the video game.  It doesn’t employ the video game soundtrack but the one they use isn’t too far away from the original. Lara of course appears regularly, and the game has two bonus rounds. Free spins are one of them and there’s the chance to win indefinite games you don’t need to pay for. The other sees you required to pick from a set of idols in the Tomb Bonus round.

Resident Evil

Zombies seem to be everywhere these days and the creators of this have done very well for themselves. Not just video games but movies, television shows and a slot game too. With it being so popular, that means there is a big audience out there that will be keen to play a slot version

Fans will love seeing their favourite characters being included as symbols. There are some big cash prizes to be won (what do zombies spend money on?) and three bonus rounds to trigger. Beware the giant zombie though, you have been warned!

Call of Duty

This massively successful video game has become hugely popular in the slot world too. A series of games have been released and companies don’t do that unless they know there’s some cash to be made. ‘Modern Warfare’ certainly delighted the Call of Duty fans.

One problem with a series of games is keeping it fresh and not just rehashing everything. The Call of Duty series hasn’t shown any sign of falling into that trap. The slots are fast paced, just like the video games. As you might imagine, there are a lot of explosions in this game. They are very welcome though producing new symbols that can win you more cash. You’ll love the animation in the Call of Duty slots, these games have come a long way from a few fruit symbols.

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