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Does E-sports have a playing formula?

So, will big and small brands switch their advertising mechanism and copy-paste what esports is doing?

Does E-sports have a playing formula? -

Even though the E-sport business is esoteric, its marketing speed is very admirable. The latest updates show a crazy increase in the growing multitude of E-sport viewers, fans, streamers, players, teams, and sponsors. Thus, it will be no surprise if the millions of enthusiasts double by the end of 2020.

This traffic in a rather controversial field like esports has attracted criticism. Many digital marketers scoff the thought of participating in such an industry. But, it’s evident enough that the recent decades have witnessed E-sport marketing garnering millions of dollars. So, will big and small brands switch their advertising mechanism and copy-paste what esports is doing?

E-sports Marketing Strategies

What most industries fail to understand is that all digital marketing techniques will always work to favor the marketer if done correctly. Seemingly, the E-sport industry understood this “saying” and is running with it. Some of the top-notch marketing strategies employed by esports to make them it a consistently growing industry include:

  • Sponsorship Through Agencies

Starting an E-sport team from zero needn’t be a daunting task. The secret in demystifying this thought is that esports sponsors its team through various agencies. This helps the industry to connect and network with well-known teams globally. Though expensive, it is a worthwhile and valuable investment.

  • Knowing Their Audience

E-sport understands that gamers belong to different gaming genres. These categories include Player vs. Player, First-Person Shooter, Real-Time Strategy, and the Multiplayer Online Battle Arena. With this knowledge, the experts in this industry have mastered the art of accurately communicating to their audience.

  • The Right Channels

After figuring out its audience, the experts strive to understand the target market. Here’s where they’re lurking. You’ll often find their audience in major and minor streaming sites like Beam, Twitch, Hitbox, YouTube Gaming, Azubu, and many more.

  • Genuine Sports Influencers

Most industries fail to understand that influencer marketing is still present. However, E-sport leverages influencer marketing and picks streamers that boast large traffic to market their brand.

  • Blog Marketing

Gaming fanatics will always subscribe, like, share, and comment on a blog they like. Content marketing, particularly blogging, has gained the E-sports industry a massive following beyond competitive industries’ expectations.

Games Industry Globally Worth More than the Film and Music Industries Combined

Big industries like film and music now admire the potential displayed by esports marketing. It’s about to explode!

Let’s explain using a factful scenario: The popular-titled global championships command an enormous than what film and music can accomplish in three-five global events.

To an extent, this has been achieved through years of making. Additionally, the sophistication of the online games from gameplay and technological advancement has added to the radiance of esports. Unlike film and music, esports has always provided its fans with a platform of Live Chat window for suggestions, questions, discussions, comments, and even critics. The real action has always been here!

With all this in mind, it’s clear that the games industry (on a global scale) is worth more than combining the music and film industries.

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