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eSports Betting: Rise to Popularity

In this post, we will explore eSports gaming, factors that have led to its increased popularity, and other related information.

eSports is one of the hottest trends among enthusiastic gamblers. Recently, its popularity has grown exponentially, with the game being one of those not severely affected by the global pandemic. eSports proved its power to dampen the pandemic effect on the gambling industry when everything seemed tumultuous. It turned out to be an emergency solution, and the fans didn’t fail to back it up. 

Essentially, eSports gaming is a competition that involves professional PC or console gamers competing in a tournament. Punters can also try their hands in eSports and make money betting on the “virtual” events. Some of the best online sports betting bookmakers, like, allow you to wager on eSports bets and win real money. Indeed, some gamblers consider it a real sport because it involves talented players who exhibit peak performance. 

A report by ProdegeMR showed that over 22% of gamblers who never placed bets on eSports are now considering it, and loyal eSports bettors are exploring new markets. In this post, we will explore eSports gaming, factors that have led to its increased popularity, and other related information.

Reasons behind the popularity of eSports betting

The global epidemic affected a multitude of industries; therefore, sending the world into mania. Nearly all sports events were cancelled across the planet. The unusual and, of course, nasty condition created an opportunity for eSports to broaden its audience, reaching bettors it would never reach.

The eSports betting industry has expanded exponentially, considering it is one of the favourite ways to keep gamers entertained while allowing bettors to make money. Rather than contemplating whether to offer eSports betting or not, most bookmakers were looking for ways to deliver the best eSports betting experience.

So, what exactly propagated the extra crazy growth of eSports betting?

1. Pandemic impact on traditional sports betting

Before the Coronavirus hit the planet, traditional sports would run year-round. Stadiums would flood, and there was always something to bet on. After the epidemic came, it was a real struggle for bookmakers that entirely rely on sports to generate, so most of them had to turn to eSports to overcome the challenge.

Considering that eSports had already established itself, it saw great success and had the chance to enjoy the center stage. Most bookies are now offering eSports markets plus a good number of live wagering opportunities than ever. This is accelerating the popularity of eSports betting. 

It is also an exhilarating form of betting where most bettors chase the thrill of the game, minding the fact that they are risking their money. 

2. Bigger bonuses on eSportsbooks

As you can expect, every betting site is looking for a way to attract and retain users. Bookies offering eSports are luring gamblers with impressive bonuses and large free bets so that they keep on using their sites. 

You can try your hands in eSports betting and take full advantage of these offers as you get a fantastic gambling experience. 

3. eSports betting was already rising anyways

Even before most sports events were cancelled due to Covid-19, eSports betting was gaining popularity. It boomed along with eSports. 

While we cannot deny that the unusual circumstances have significantly contributed to the growth of eSports betting, it is also undeniable that this form of gambling has been rising even before. eSports betting shows no signs of slowing down, and it might soon gain popularity as wagering on football sport. 

eSports and jurisdictions

Since eSports gained popularity as an emergency solution, many countries are yet to issue clearly defined rules regarding eSports betting. Although the eSports betting industry shares quite a number of similarities with sports betting, they are not the same. 

When officials get a classification for eSports, maybe it will be easier to give a clear view of eSports gambling from a legal perspective


eSports is one of the most preferred pastimes, and the eSports betting industry maintains exponential growth. Even after the cancellation of many major sports events, the eSports betting industry could not stop growing, thanks to its ability to survive the epidemic. 

If you are new to eSports, it is an amazing industry promising the best gambling experience. This massive industry is not showing any signs of slowing, so you can join and bet on the various eSports markets to win real money. 

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