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How Big Is the Asian Esports Market?

Clue: its not even peaking yet.

How Big Is the Asian Esports Market? -

In the past few years, Asian markets such as Korea and Japan are the fastest growing Esports markets in the world. That shouldn’t be such a surprise. The booming video game industry in Asia has led to this outcome.

Video games are closely related to the Asian market. Major hits such as Super Mario, Metal Gear, or sports heavyweights such as Pro Evolution Soccer are all developed by Asian studios. Nintendo, Konami, and Sony among others own some of the biggest video game franchises, so the booming popularity of Esports in Asia is not a surprise. What is surprising is how fast the market has grown and how big the revenue numbers are.

Monetizing the Esports Boom

The Esports gaming revenue is rising all over the world. It’s not fuelled by tournaments only. Bookies play a role too – you can find the best Asian betting sites at Esports is among the favorite betting markets online right now, and together with the incredible tournament rewards, it is monetizing the Esports boom.

In 2019 alone, the Esports revenue in Asia was at $519 million. To put things in perspective about how big the market is, that was 50% of the Esports gaming revenue in the world. According to estimates, Japan, Korea, and other Asian countries have over 500 million Esports fans. Asia also hosts some of the biggest tournaments in Esports including LoL Championships.

Things are even crazier if you take into account mobile gaming. It generated $13.3 billion in revenue in 2019, which accounted for nearly 70% of the global Esports mobile gaming revenue.

The growing live spectatorship and successful Esports teams from Asia means that the boom isn’t stopping anytime soon. Invictus Gaming and SK Telecom T1 are the two biggest teams from Asia, participating in DOTA 2 and LoL tournaments respectively. Both teams have been highly successful on the big stage, inspiring millions of young fans to follow their video game dreams.

What Does the Future Hold?

The Esports market in Asia can only grow from here. We’ve seen it breaking records in the past and we’re sure it’ll blast through new heights soon. The market is constantly evolving with new groups of gamers such as the increasing female gamer population inspiring even more youngsters to join the revolution. Tournaments will grow bigger as well as their cash rewards, so we can safely say that the Esports Asian market will dominate in the future.

China is the biggest Esports market in Asia and will continue to be for some time. It simply has the most developed infrastructure for Esports – that’s something other countries are still trying to bet. However, South Korea and Japan are close to it. As the cradle and birthplace of video games, both countries are a major force in the Esports industry.

It’s still a developing sport on a global scale, but that’s a good thing. Video game studios are constantly working on new projects, and we fully expect new games to come out in the future and drive the Esports gaming industry and revenue higher up.

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