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Introducing E-Sports Betting In A Newlight of Online Casino

In any sport, your chances of winning can be increased by taking some principles into account – this is also the case with e-sports bets.

Introducing E-Sports Betting In A Newlight of Online Casino -

In any sport, your chances of winning can be increased by taking some principles into account – this is also the case with e-sports bets. This does not mean any illegal fraud, manipulation, etc., but just a few clever strategic moves. The most important thing, to begin with, is the selection of the right e-sports online casino. Because betting on e-sports will only bring you fun and financial success if you can rely on playing under fair conditions and ultimately actually receiving your winnings.

So before you place bets on e-sports online, you should first see which online casinos offer the best conditions – generally and specifically based on your preferences. At this point, we recommend that you always check out our experience report on the online casino of your choice before you register. We take a professional look at the online casino sites and highlight very important factors that laypeople often overlook.

E-Sports betting tips and tricks

Once you have found the perfect online casino, it is important to find out more about the respective event before typing. This is actually the key to success. Because without the right preparation, you cannot make any predictions, which means that one of the great advantages of e-sports betting – namely that it is actually hardly a game of chance – would be invalid. If you bet blindly, you can really only count on your luck and long-term profits are practically impossible.

In addition to obtaining detailed information, we advise beginners, in particular, to place their bets on favorites. As a rule, the clear favorites also prevail in the matches, so that you, as a beginner, can first familiarize yourself with the topic and still make a profit. At the same time, it should of course be noted that the e-sports betting odds for favorite bets are sometimes very low.

Another special tip for newbies is to orient the stakes on single bets. Combination bets allow significantly higher profits in the best case, but they also bring a high risk. If only a single tip goes wrong, the entire betting slip is lost. In single bets, however, you bet with significantly more certainty. Therefore, they are much more valuable for building up e-sports experience as well as a respectable account balance and, last but not least, an increasingly sophisticated strategy.

In general, you should make sure to increase your own capital slowly but surely rather than relying on a rapid increase. That means: Always play with appropriate stakes, the loss of which you can really “easily” put away. Never place all of your capital at once!

The best e-sports games briefly presented

Which e-sports games can you bet on, or which tournaments are actually played? We introduce you to the most important computer games below.

League of Legends

League of Legends, or LOL for short, is the most played PC game of all. Both teams have only one goal in LOL: the opposing nexus. More than 130 different champions, i.e. game characters, can be selected for the mission. The world championship is the absolute highlight of every LOL season. All high-quality e-sports betting providers have this game in their program.


At Dota2, athletes can look forward to prize money records! It is important for each team to destroy the opposing Ancient in order to gain victory. You can choose from more than 110 different heroes. The “The International” tournament takes place annually and is by far the most highly endowed event on the e-sports calendar. In 2019, around 30 million US dollars were distributed there.

Counter-Strike (CS: GO)

The first-person shooter Counter-Strike is not only a real classic in online gambling but also a very popular game for placing bets on e-sports: Terrorists and anti-terrorists fight against each other. The different teams have to detonate a bomb or prevent it from happening. The games take place on different maps, among which dust2, inferno, mirage and cache are particularly popular.

StarCraft 2

This strategy game is already cult and very popular when it comes to betting on e-sports. Terran, Zerg, or Protoss – each race in StarCraft 2 has its own perks that are used to create buildings and units for battle. The right tactics and the appropriate deployment of the units decide between victory and defeat. The strategic options for esports betting in StarCraft 2 are correspondingly diverse.


At PUBG, the goal is quite simple: whoever survives wins. 100 gamers jump out of a plane during a PUBG round and have only one mission – they must emerge from the game as the last survivor or the last surviving team. This simple principle makes the game and e-sports betting on it very popular.


FIFA is a constant in e-sports betting – there is usually a huge selection of games here. Fans have been waiting for the new release of the soccer simulation game every year since 1993. What is particularly attractive about Fifa betting is that FIFA’s licensing and other associations guarantee very real sports and sports betting feeling. There are the most important leagues in the world with all the major players and national teams. Here, e-sports bets come particularly close to real sports betting.


Hearthstone is an online trading card game that is also very popular with fans of e-sports sports betting. So far, more than 1,100 different cards have been gathered in this tactical card game – and expansions are still being made on a regular basis. The focus is on two heroes who compete against each other with 30 life points each and try to defeat the opponent using their servants as well as magic and heroic abilities.

FAQ – e-sports betting

How does e-sports betting work?

The bets on digital matches work similarly to classic sports betting. For example, you can place 1X2 bets or place over/under bets. As with other sports bets, online casinos give you odds.

Are there e-sports bets on League of Legends?

Yes, a great many. LOL is one of the most popular games for betting. There are gigantic tournaments that you can bet on.

Are there live streams for e-sports betting?

In some cases, yes. Some specialized online casinos provide you with a live stream directly for the larger events. Overall, there are more live streams in e-sports betting than in other sports.

What are the odds of esports betting?

In contrast to Bundesliga odds, for example, you have the chance of good odds much more often. Basically, e-sports odds are often lucrative if you know your way around.

Is there an e-sports bonus?

Every now and then, the classic online casinos also offer you special e-sports bonuses. The e-sports experts usually deliver a bonus tailored to e-sports.

Conclusion: e-sports bets are not yet everywhere, but they have great profit potential

e-sports bets and e-sports betting providers are expected to multiply in the future – you don’t have to be a prophet at this point. Computer gaming and betting on it are not for everyone, but e-sports sports betting has some advantages that no betting fan can deny. Those who manage to assess the teams’ strengths correctly can make attractive profits over the long term.

It is particularly positive that online casinos still struggle with the exact quotation. We strongly recommend, however, not to be too tempted by good odds. Above all, pay attention to the online casinos’ quality and seriousness – take a look at our e-sports betting comparison and always play carefully, preferably with a carefully worked out strategy.

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